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June 2, 2015

NEW RELEASE: Rambo Year One by Wallace Lee

Rambo Year One
Title: Rambo Year One
Author: Wallace Lee
Genre: Action/Thriller
Publisher: FreeShare Relase
Release Date: 27 December 2014
Format: PDF








1967, Fort Bragg.

On the eve of a the 5TH Special Forces selection process, fifty young men are ready to give their best to join the Green Berets.

There’s the Vietnam out there, waiting for them … And yet they are ready for it.

They are ready for everything.

Day by day, fatigue, sleep debt, hunger, rain and cold weather turn phisycal tasks into a nightmare, and the rookies find theirselves stuck into a simple question:

“Should I really risk my life here, in USA, just to join the special forces?”


“It’s just fear, but it’s not the fear of cowards. This is something different.

This is called shock. Try to remember it well.

Should it happen to you again, you will already know what it is ” – Samuel Trautman, 1967

“Soldiers are scared by death … Heroes don’t want to die” – anonimous, 1965


“The SOG isn’t a normal unit and you won’t be trained like normal soldiers because your missions won’t be standard missions.

You’ll be fighting behind enemy lines and to do that you’ll need a few skills and qualities ordinary soldiers normally don’t have. You won’t be thinking like ordinary soldiers either.

Soldiers fight, and that’s it.
On the contrary, Green Berets silently enter the houses in the middle of the night and kill their ‘targets’ in front of their families.

And then, when you’re in enemy territory, there won’t be anyone there telling you what to do.

There will be no backup and no radios and you won’t be able to call a helicopter or an artillery unit to bail you out.

Sometimes, you won’t even have any weapons.

That’s when you will really be commanding yourselves, and this is why members of this unit are not trained in the same way the members of other special forces are trained.”


This book is a “freeshare release” and is based on the characters created by New York Times bestselling author, David Morrell.


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