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January 13, 2011

INTERVIEW: Tera Kleinfelter – A Dream Come True

Tara Kleinfelter Video

In 2010, Tera Kleinfelter’s dream came true. From the time she was a little girl in the farming state of Indiana, Tera immersed herself in books. She would much rather dream of faraway places and magical stories than spend time watching corn grown and cows feed. So Tera studied hard, worked tirelessly and held “evil” jobs as she plotted how she could be the heroine of her own story and make her dreams come true.

Then along in 2005 came an odd knight in shining armor from Georgia called, Samhain Publishing, a little known small ebook/print press with the big dreams of Lady Christina Brashear on his shoulders and girding his loins. Knight Samhain faced the fire-breathing dragons attacking the publishing world and began slaying a path of success through the carnage of a shriveling market and unstable economy. From sexy to suspenseful, Knight Samhain championed all genres of fiction with its talented crew of professionals and emerged as a knight to be reckoned with amid the exploding next generation of publishing gurus. Knight Samhain saw the merit in Tera’s talent and brought her on board to be a full-time acquiring editor, making her dreams come true.

Now, Tera with Knight Samhain‘s powerful sword on her side, toils her way through mountains of manuscripts on a quest to find and polish the hidden gems of stories that will appeal to the voracious people of the realm and reveal the wonders of their lives. She works tirelessly through a morass of grammatical nightmares and ill plots to bring out the gold. In this way, Tera makes author’s dreams come true as the stories of their hearts are published for all to read.
In all seriousness, the underlying truths to the tale above are real. Tera is a great and fun editor who makes authors’ dreams come true in acquiring books to be published. She works for Samhain Publishing in Macon, Georgia, a small press which was founded in 2005 by Christina Brashear With the exploding ebook market at its core, this company has grown by leaps and bounds, ever expanding its distribution, marketing and print strategies.

Novels Alive TV had the pleasure of interviewing Tera at an RT Booklovers Convention. She shares with us about her job at Samhain and what she is looking for. So whether your interest is in publishing your stories or in finding new stories to read, you don’t want to miss this video. You can find out more about Tera on her blog, or follow her on Twitter @TeraK. Also go to and learn about this phenomenal young company.

NovelsAlive.TV’s Dayna Linton sat with Samhain Publishing Editor, Tera Kleinfelter’s about publishing, editing and ebooks.

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Jennifer St. Giles
USA Today Bestselling Author, Jennifer St. Giles/J.L. Saint/Jennifer Saints This bewitching Georgia Peach is anything but ordinary. She's a mother, nurse, thriller writer, award-winning paranormal/romance/contemporary author, passionate patriot, event planner and more! She's also home schooled three children and is the Vice-President of a charitable foundation which helps women and children's causes and in her spare time she writes screenplays! J.L. in her own words: Under a barrage of nagging by BFF's, I've been told my bio was boring, not at all a reflection of just who I am beneath the surface, which is a compliment…I think. So, I promised to rev it up a bit. Thus the reason why I'm sitting here staring at the computer screen with nothing but crickets in my brain. I'm totally into making up wild and interesting stories with a lot of heart thrown into the mix, but telling people about myself isn't so easy. What can I tell you about me? I don't play video games or watch horror because I can't take the heat, but give me a kickass thriller every minute of every day and I am there. Be prepared for a Hoover Dam meltdown if you're with me and the movie is sad. So, to avoid disaster, I love romantic comedies. Read more about Jenni on her website:


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  1. Samantha Sommersby

    “So Tera studied hard, worked tirelessly and held “evil” jobs as she plotted how she could be the heroine of her own story and make her dreams come true.” – Love this and really enjoyed the interview!

  2. Becky Barker

    Hi Tera – I’m part of the Samhain family, too, so hoping will get to meet sometime soon;-)


  3. Misty Evans

    Great interview, Tera. Congrats on having your dream come true!

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