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April 23, 2010

Mark Ryan, Modern Day Renaissance Man

Mark Ryan

From Special Forces to singing in musicals, acting to master swordsman to fight director, Mark Ryan is a man of many talents. He is most known as the voice of Bumblebee and Jetfire in the Transformers movies and as Nasir in Robin of Sherwood. He coached Kiera Knightley, Richard Gere, Clive Owen and Ben Cross in swordsmanship for the movies they starred in.

Now, surely drawing from various life experiences, he has written an intense graphic novel. Teaming up with illustrator Mike Grell, Ryan wrote The Pilgrim.The Pilgrim is based on the fact that Churchill used a group of psychics during WWII to fool the Nazis into believing the psychics were reading their minds and from there shows how this influenced future uses of psychics in warfare even as recent as using psychics to try and locate Osama Bin Laden. It s not only action and war though, there are many depths including a soldier who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder who ends up with an entity attached to him and how he learns to live with it.

Check out this intriguing and informative interview of Mark Ryan with COS Productions Ed English and Novels Alive and Between Your Sheets, Dayna Linton.

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Dayna Linton
Dayna Linton - Dayna is the very busy divorced mother of four "exceptional" children. She spends her time running not only this website but is also the founder and President of Rising Phoenix Charitable Foundation ( - a charitable organization which benefits women and children's causes. Dayna is a firm believer in the worth and value of individuals and hopes to help all embrace who they are, nourish themselves and then "pay it forward" by helping others around them to do the same. In her spare time, Dayna enjoys reading anything she can get her hands on and hopes to someday have the time to write a book herself. Dayna is also an avid lover of film and the process that goes into making them. From an early age, she remembers watching the Academy Awards with her mom and cheering on her favorites. When Dayna was little, she just knew she was going to be a big star someday and she would practice in front of a mirror accepting her Oscar. Dayna took four years of drama, which she loved, but found her true passion was dancing. Even today you can catch Dayna dancing just about everywhere she goes, including beaches in the moonlight ...




Novels Alive TV merges with Between Your Sheets!

We’ve Merged! Novels Alive TV and Between Your Sheets would like to announce their merger effective today!  We are excited about this merger and look forward to seeing our dreams bloom under the direction of Novels Alive...
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Barry Eisler

Barry Eisler On Taking Books to Film

Having my first book, Rain Fall, made into a movie last year by Sony Pictures Japan was a great experience.  Fascinating and fun.  I visited the set, which was very cool; I met Gary Oldman and Akira Emoto, two actors I like ...
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J.L. Saint Video

INTERVIEW: J.L. Saint: A New Frontier

COLLATERAL DAMAGE by J.L. Saint isn’t your mother’s romance nor your father’s thriller, but an edge of your seat ride between them both, and a new frontier for this author who also writes as USA Today Bestsell...
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Sheila Clover-English

INTERVIEW: A Modern Day Renaissance Woman – Sheila Clover-English

Where can one possibly begin the tale of Sheila Clover-English, the CEO of Circle of Seven Productions which is now part of Reader’s Entertainment Group? Do I start with her as a child growing up in California with dreams...
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Carole Nelson Douglas

INTERVIEW: Carole Nelson Douglas-Murder and Mayhem You Don’t Want to Miss

Mystery? Thriller? Fantasy? Sci-Fi? Romance? Historical? Paranormal? Carole Nelson Douglas, bestselling, award-winning author of over sixty novels has mastered them all with her wit, humor, and fantastic imagination that takes ...
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L.A. Banks

INTERVIEW: L.A. Bank’s Crimson Moon Series

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Heather Graham

INTERVIEW: Heather Graham’s Bone Island Trilogy

GHOST MOON IS OUT NOW! Finally, the greatly anticipated release of New York Times Bestselling Author Heather Graham’s Bone Island Trilogy is now available. Are you ready for spine chilling shudders? In GHOST MOON, In GHOS...
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Jeff Buick

INTERVIEW: Jeff Buick’s One Child

Experience fiction and the thriller in an unprecedented new way with ONE CHILD, by bestselling author Jeff Buick. Coming at you via a multitude of simultaneous media—video, print, daily downloads, articles, and character inte...
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Barry Eisler Video

INTERVIEW: Inside Out: A Novel by Barry Eisler

New York Times Bestselling Barry Eisler’s newest political thriller, INSIDE OUT, rips open the ugly underbelly of powerhouse politics and exposes the hidden truth behind men willing to sacrifice everything to keep their z...
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Cindy Holby

INTERVIEW: Breath of Heaven by Cindy Holby

This week delves into the heart of romance with Cindy Holby and her newest release BREATH OF HEAVEN. This multi-published multi-genre writer may live in the shadow of Pilot Mountain, in North Carolina, but her me...
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