There are more than ten ways in which I enjoyed TEN THINGS I LOVE ABOUT YOU, the newest release from Julia Quinn, but taking a cue from the book, I believe I’ll list them this way…

One, being first and foremost, meeting up once again with the charming Sebastian Grey who Two, was an endless source of amusement in WHAT HAPPENS IN LONDON and Three, has a marvelous secret that even his closest friends and family aren’t aware of, including Four, our intrepid heroine Annabel Winslow. Lest we forget, Five, “the villain” who Six is not only Annabel’s determined suitor, but also Sebastian’s uncle, Lord Newbury that Seven, can not stand his nephew and will do anything to keep him from inheriting by way of Eight, marrying Annabel to secure an heir and to spite Nine, Sebastian’s evident attraction to Annabel that Ten, leaves us anxious to find out how the story will end.

What Happens in London

Published: June 22, 2009

…endless source of amusement…

Like every single one of Julia Quinn’s stories the tale flows so rapidly and the dialogue is so fast paced and witty, that you almost have to stop, take a breath and with a grateful smile delve right back in. AND, there is no way I can fail mentioning the humor. I giggled so many times that my daughter in the other room was giggling along, just because I was, until curiosity got the better of her. When I re-read the passage out loud, even outside the context of the story, she laughed again. Pure music.

Through Quinn’s words I simply fell in love with Sebastian and Annabel and hope to see them sometime again soon.

Be sure also to check out WHAT HAPPENS IN LONDON, to become better acquainted with some of Sebastian and Annabel’s favorite people.

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