To understand the entire story of heroine of GHOST GIFTS by Laura Spinelli, Aubrey Ellis, you must delve into her past and Spinella does this with finesse. She weaves a past of grief, pain, and a misunderstood gift to reveal a future woman who will find her true calling investigating a twenty-year old murder.

Aubrey’s unique gift is that she can hear, see, smell and feel the emotional sensations of dead people, it is also her curse and in a few instances her worst nightmare. Her ‘ghost’ often leave her gifts, mementos for loved ones, and those gifts aren’t always what they appear. Her gift has touched and affected every aspect of her life – her job, her family and it has nearly ended her marriage.

While trying to fix her relationship with her husband, she secures a job at a small local newspaper where she writes fluff pieces for realtors trying to sell homes. It is a nice job without too much interference from the dead. It has also afforded her the opportunity to control her gift and help those, both the departed and the living, who are in need.

This is a superbly written mystery that unravels slowly letting the reader savor the story.

Just when she thinks her world might be under control, in walks Levi St. John. He is an investigative reporter from the large media outlet that owns her paper. The man is a walking attitude with no room for ‘fluff’ reporters. With his own dark background the will soon unleash on Aubrey, their relationship is a serious of knots growing tighter as she is forced to work with him on the murder story.

Told equally well from the victims time, and today, readers will sway between two suspects that seem equally guilty. Aubrey’s gift will be tested and her safe haven of writing nice puff pieces will end.

Finding herself at many cross-roads — torn between fixing her marriage or giving in to the growing feelings she has for Levi, using her gift to help those in need, being caught in the web of her gift and the darkness it can unleash.

This is a superbly written mystery that unravels slowly letting the reader savor the story. In the end, the pieces come together so smoothly you will be smiling whether you figured out ‘who dun it’ or not.

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