Any story that leaves you with a Cheshire Cat grin tugging at your cheeks is worth more than its weight in gold, for that moment of pure, unadulterated pleasure that comes only from reading a romantic tale that touches your heart on every level. Such was the case as the final lines were read of Maya Rodale’s final addition to the Writing Girls series, SEDUCING MR. KNIGHTLY, in fact, even as I write this the smile remains.

For those not familiar with the Rodale’s Writing Girls this Regency era series revolves around the lives of four very distinctive females who have earned the unheard of (at the time) positions as writers for a popular London newspaper. Throughout the first three books subtle and not-so-subtle hints and a bit of teasing could be found, laying the groundwork for a possible romance between The London Weekly’s “The newspaper is everything” owner, Derek Knightly and the extremely shy “Helpful Advice” columnist, Miss Annabelle Swift.

Maya Rodale’s books are something just beyond extraordinary.

Their story is indeed brought to life in the aptly named SEDUCING MR. KNIGHTLY as that is exactly what “New” Annabelle strives to do, employing the boldly solicited advice given to her by her reader’s letters. Reading along as Annabelle’s employment of said advice stirs not only an awakening in Knightly’s eyes to the extraordinary female who had been hiding beneath his very nose for years and Annabelle’s own discovery of the person she was meant to be can only be described as magical.

There was never a dull moment nor a single point when it became possible to put down this story to deal with life’s little distractions without the greatest hesitation, which in my book is just further proof that Maya Rodale’s books are something just beyond extraordinary.

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