We were first introduced to Kat Martin’s  dashing Dewar brothers in the first book of this series, ROYAL’S BRIDE in September 2009. At the bedside of their dying father, each brother was made to agree to a promise. For Royal the agreement to marry a wealthy heiress to save the family from ruin, middle brother Reese was required to cut short his career in the military and make something of the estates left to him by their maternal grandfather. Young Rule, still a student at Oxford, had to make a vow that once his studies were complete he would move Heaven and Earth to create an alliance for the family with the “Americans”.

Ever the unrepentant rake and congenially light-hearted youngest of the three brother’s Dewar, in RULE’S BRIDE, the final book of the series, our hero has made a place for himself in Boston. When his mentor, the head of Griffin Manufacturing reveals that he is dying and offers Rule half of the company in exchange for marrying his young daughter Violet, Rule reluctantly accepts.

At sixteen, Violet Griffin is as equally unprepared for marriage as she is in accepting the news that her beloved father is dying. Although the terms of the agreement between Rule and her father require that she remain a bride and not a true wife until she has turned eighteen, it is only love for her father that leads her to accept the dashing Dewar’s proposal.

On the eve of their wedding Rule returns home to England to take over the running of the company’s offices in London, with the promise to return for his bride in two years. Three years later, nearly forgotten, a very grown up and beautiful Violet shows up at Rule’s door demanding an annulment on the grounds of abandonment. The fiery creature standing before him, with sparks of riotous fury sparkling in her eyes is a far cry from the gangly youth who stood trembling by his side at their wedding and the attraction is instantaneous—for Rule, anyway.

Excerpt from RULE’S BRIDE:

As he strode into the room, she sat bolt upright, her eyes bright and blinking, glanced round as if to recall where she was, straightened and shoved to her feet.  She was smaller than he remembered was his first impression, petite but shapely.  In truth, she was different in every way from the gangly sixteen year old he had married for financial reasons.

Except for her glorious copper hair, the likes of which he had never seen.

He groped for something to say.  “Violet.  I cannot believe you are here.”

She gave him a chilling smile.  “It took a while to reach London.  But as you see, here I am.”

He couldn’t seem to make himself move.  “So you are.”

He did move then, closing the distance between them, reaching out to take both of her hands.  She wore no gloves, he noticed, and realized that aside from his chase bridal kiss on her cheek, he had never actually touched her without the barrier of some sort of clothing.

“Welcome to London,” he said.  “If I had known you were coming, I would have prepared a more proper greeting.”

Violet withdrew her hands from his and looked him over head to foot.  For the first time, it occurred to him that his cravat was undone and dangling round his neck.  His collar was missing, his shirt unbuttoned and his hair slightly mussed.

Violet, on the other hand, looked…well…

Violet Griffin Dewar was beautiful.

Once again Kat Martin’s innate talent for delivering stories that engage our imagination and charm our hearts…

Unfortunately, Violet is in love with another man and desperately wants free of their marriage and with the coming war back home between the states, has plans to sell the company once she regains control of Rule’s interest. Rule is just as determined to win Violet over and make their marriage a true one, in every way.

Rule and Violet’s story is fraught with battling wills, precocious humor, steamy attraction and an education in the art of compromise as the couple is forced to face, not only what is hiding in their hearts, but also a well played scheme to frame Rule for murder.

Once again Kat Martin’s innate talent for delivering stories that engage our imagination and charm our hearts into believing the impossible is keenly felt within the pages of RULE’S BRIDE.

With the April release of RULE’S BRIDE, all three novels in the Dewar series are now available for your reading pleasure.

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