What started as a disappointing late Tuesday night trip to WallyWorld in hopes of finding the latest releases by a few of my favorite authors on the shelves only to come up empty, turned into a night of discovery.

I’ve mentioned before my hesitancy in trying out a new author but there was something about Cara Elliott’s, TOO TEMPTING TO RESIST that drew me in, so I took a chance. I can’t tell you how happy I was about that decision after just reading a few chapters.

“Determined to stop her wayward brother from squandering their dwindling fortune, Lady Eliza Brentford decides to follow him to his favorite den of depravity. There, among the candlelight and raucous revelry, she encounters her brother’s role model in debauchery, the notorious Marquess of Haddan, Gryffin Dwight. Staring into his smoldering green eyes, Eliza can’t help but find the rakehell nobleman seductively charming—and sinfully attractive.

When Gryffin appears on Eliza’s estate as a guest of her brother, a stolen kiss among the garden’s blooms leads to a night of unbridled passion. Suddenly the lovely widow feels herself opening up, like the petals of a rose. Could this master of seduction possibly feel true emotion for Eliza? Or is he leading her down the garden path to an Eden of delights no woman can resist—and a fall no woman can escape?”

I found this book to be a subtle but refreshing change of pace from my usual choices…

This second book in the Lords of Midnight series (Yes, I’ll be snatching up the first one as soon as I can) has that winning combination of elements that never fail to win me over. First and foremost, there was never a single lull to bring down the pace of the story and make it easy for the initial interest to fade as I’ve unfortunately discovered time and again in other stories.

As for the story itself, the characters of Gryff and Eliza were not your stereotypical bad boy-turns good after meeting a soft-hearted damsel in distress. While those aspects were still a major part of their roles, the characters came off as completely genuine because they never completely conform to what one usually expects from those roles.

In a nutshell, I found this book to be a subtle but refreshing change of pace from my usual choices and will not hesitate in the slightest before picking up another title from this author in the future.

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