The Romantic Times hit the nail on the head when they dubbed Cheryl Holt the “Best Storyteller of the Year” and proof of that claim can easily be found in her charming new novella SEDUCE ME.


Lucas Merriweather grew up rich, spoiled, and entitled. He thrives on pleasure in his personal pursuits. But with his father’s death, he’s suddenly thrust into the role of family patriarch and CEO of their vast global holdings. When his estranged grandfather dies, Lucas learns that—shortly before his death—the elderly man married his young, sexy housekeeper and left her ten million dollars. Lucas is positive the woman is a con artist and thief, and he’s determined to get back the money she stole. He’ll do whatever it takes to win in the end.


Faith Benjamin takes in strays—people, pets, kids. Growing up an orphan, she understands the importance of loyalty and connection. When she bonds, it’s forever. As she begins working for aged, dying, Harold Merriweather, he proposes marriage, but the union comes with more than a small fortune. If she accepts the money, she accepts the Merriweather family secrets too.

Her decision to wed puts her on a collision course with Lucas who’s quickly intrigued. Is she the gold digger he expected? Or is she someone else entirely? He can only think of one way to strip away her layers and get to the truth. But when attraction is the bait and lust the fuel, seduction is the only game to play. And Faith is a master.

Lucas may have finally met his match.

The world around me literally fell away for the next two hours…

Typically my area of reading interest remains firmly in the realm of historical romance so when I was given a copy of this story to read, I was a bit hesitant. That hesitancy became non-existent before the end of the first paragraph. The world around me literally fell away for the next two hours as I eagerly thumbed through the pages of Lucas and Faith’s journey from unknown adversaries to playful lovers, friends and ultimately the realization that they were meant for each other. BLISS!

I am now officially a fan of Cheryl Holt’s talent and plan on stocking my ever growing shelves of books with titles from her library as soon as possible.

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