Ginger Garrett brings a new take on an ancient tale of the woman whose name is synonymous with promiscuous women, Jezebel, in her new release, REIGN: THE CHRONICLES OF QUEEN JEZEBEL.

For thousands of years Jezebel has been portrayed in prose, poetry, movies, sermons, and song, as the wickedest of woman.  As queen of Israel and a fanatical worshiper of the heathen idol Baal she attempted to force it upon the Israelites in the most ruthless and deadly manner.  Jezebel directly attempted to overthrow the worship of God and murdered as many of His prophets as she could find. Those who were able to escape death were forced to hide in caves in the wilderness.  The idol worship ceremony itself involved some of the vilest behavior imaginable, including the sacrifice of babies in fire as burnt offerings to her god of stone.

Yet the events of her life as a young Phoenician princess prior to her marriage to Ahab and her daily life as Queen of Israel are not recorded in the Bible and so we know nothing more about this woman whose name has become synonymous with evil.

Ms. Garrett is an excellent writer and weaves an interesting story of what might have motivated this young girl to become the women and Queen that most of us were brought up to see as evil incarnate.

Ms. Garrett is an excellent writer and weaves an interesting story

While I admire the imagination needed to create a story, where there is none, on an actual historical figure I found myself at times feeling sympathy for Jezebel and Ahab and for me personally I didn’t like that.  I had to remind myself of the truth and facts that Jezebel ordered the sacrificial death of babies and the persecution and death of many of the Lord’s prophets.  Her increasingly violent and bitter struggle for supremacy against God sealed her fate.   I did however really like the way Ms. Garrett expounded on the battle between Elijah and the prophets of Baal.  She made me feel like I was there witnessing the event!  I have to say I was confused with the ending.  Why leave out the dramatic ending to her life that fulfilled Elijah’s prophesy that she would be eaten by dogs?  Is there to be a sequel?


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