The Power of ONE!

Do you believe in it? Do you believe it is possible for one person to make a difference and change the world against overwhelming odds?

Nancy G. Brinker did just that with a whispered pledge to her beloved sister.

“I promise, Suzy…Even if it takes the rest of my life”.

Nancy promised to end the silence surround breast cancer and its stigma. Nancy promised to raise money for scientific research to fight breast cancer and help women. Nancy promised to one day cure breast cancer for good.

“Big, shoot-for-the-moon promises that Nancy never dreamed she could fulfill.”

PROMISE ME is Nancy’s story in making that promise to her sister Susan a reality. It is a testament to her love for her sister and how she took her grief and anger at Susan’s suffering and death to form Susan G. Komen for the Cure and changed the world. It is a mission that has accomplished miracles around the world. Susan G. Komen for the Cure has become

Pink Ribbon

“the most influential health charity in the country and arguably the world. A pioneering force in cause-related marketing, SGK turned the pink ribbon into a symbol of hope everywhere. Each year, millions of people worldwide take part in SGK Race for the Cure events. And thanks to the more than $1.5 billion spent by SGK for cutting-edge research and community programs, a breast cancer diagnosis today is no longer a death sentence. In fact, in the time since Suzy’s death, the five-year survival rate for breast cancer has risen from 74 percent to 98 percent.”

This story inspires and deeply touches my heart because I know the pain that cancer can bring to those we love. In 1998, my mother performed her monthly self-exam and discovered a lump. She was subsequently diagnosed with breast cancer in one breast and opted for a radical mastectomy and six months of chemotherapy.

This story inspires and deeply touches my heart…

At the time of Mom’s diagnosis, she was head of the Y2K team for Intermountain Health Care and was so worried about whether she’d be able to continue with her duties at the level she had been performing and still go to her chemo treatments. My mother, ever the trooper, was able to not only perform her duties spectacularly, but most who worked with her never knew the physical battle she was fighting daily.

This was not mother’s first battle with cancer (she had also been diagnosed with sarcoma in 1990), nor was it her last (sarcoma took her life in July of 2009), but it left a very lasting impression on me and moved me to do something about it. After meeting a group of extremely inspiring women, I, along with two equally passionate friends, formed Rising Phoenix Charitable Foundation and over a period of a few years raised over twenty thousand to assist Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

So ladies, please perform your monthly breast exams (and don’t forget your mammograms, too!) and men, please encourage your wives, mothers, daughters and friends to do their exams and remember men, breast cancer isn’t reserved for just women, do YOUR exams as well! The life you save, may be your own.

Read PROMISE ME and remember that THE POWER OF ONE can indeed make a difference.

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