In the latest release, blessedly close on the heels of the first, of Grace Burrowes new Lonely Lords series,—NICHOLAS—we are brought back  into the parallel timeline of the previous book DARIUS, to discover what really happened between his sister Lady Leah and the mysterious rogue, Lord Reston.

“Heir to the Bellefonte earldom, Nick Haddonfield has made a promise to his dying father that he’ll marry before the Season’s over. When Nick meets Lady Leah Lindsey, he realizes he’s found not only a damsel lady in need of rescuing, but also a perfect countess of convenience. Then he spoils everything by falling in love with his wife…the one woman he can never, ever have.”

With a past shadowed by scandal and her future all but secured by her hateful father to a degenerate old baron, Lady Leah Lindsey is a woman in dire need of rescue. After a chance, candlelight encounter with Nicholas Haddonfield, Lord Reston,  Leah suddenly finds that she has gained an unlikely champion willing to do whatever it takes to save her from her father’s plans even if it means marrying her, himself.

…that is not only satisfying but inspiring for the reader.

Once again, Grace Burrowes creates characters, that are emotionally damaged in some way but still manage to be the most forgiving and caring and courageous individuals you could possibly imagine. Although their journey to a happy ending is often complicated more by the issues from their pasts and the fear of their discovery, the real love and trust that develops between these two characters allows those complications to be dealt with in a very genuine and realistic way that is not only satisfying but inspiring for the reader.

I always find myself wanting to step into the pages of the book, so I can simply hug the dickens out of these characters and I’m betting you will to.

Look for the third book in the Lonely Lords series, ETHAN when it comes out in June 2013.

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