I have never been happier to have my instincts proven correct as they were a few evenings ago when I picked up a copy of IN PURSUIT OF A SCANDALOUS LADY by Gayle Callen. Drawn only by the interesting title and beautiful cover art, I picked it up from the shelf to read the synopsis and without a second thought dropped it into my cart. Although it is always a bit of a crap shoot trying out a book by author you’ve never read before, it didn’t take long to realize that I had most definitely picked a real winner.

The biggest secret in London is about to be . . . revealed.

Every gentleman is wondering: Who is the beauty in the scandalous nude portrait hanging in one of London’s most fashionable clubs? Is it true that she’s a member of the ton? Who would be so daring? So reckless?

Julian Delane, Earl of Parkhurst, has a good idea. So good, in fact, that he’s willing to make a wager on it. If only the bet were all that’s at stake…

Determined to clear the family name from a scandal that claimed his father’s life, Julian believes the ravishing model will lead him to answers. Rebecca Leland—spirited, adventurous, with a bit of a wild streak—is just as determined to evade his questions. But when Julian finally corners his quarry, he may find Rebecca well worth the pursuit.

…you have a story that is impossible to resist.

Almost immediately I recognized in Callen’s writing a style that was sweetly familiar, but uniquely different as well, to the type of stories that I love reading the most. When you combine a bit of mystery, lots of adventure, humor and a wonderful attraction of opposites into a story that not only moves you, but also gently nudges your conscience with valuable life lessons along the way, you have a story that is impossible to resist.

As a fan of stories that don’t always end on the last page of the book, I was thrilled upon visiting Gayle Callen’s home on the web, to find that a majority of her works come in sets of three. Given the interesting tease in the beginning chapters of this book involving Julian’s friends and Rebecca’s sister and cousin, I was certainly hoping that their stories would eventually be told—I’m keeping my fingers crossed, that I’m right in that hope. Until then, my friendly book sellers will definitely be happy that I have found a new author to draw from as I make sure to collect all of her earlier releases as well.

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