One of the stand out characters in Grace Burrowes’ second book of the Lonely Lords Series, NICHOLAS was without a doubt, his illegitimate half-brother Ethan Grey and when I saw that his story—ETHAN—would be featured in the next book, I was literally giddy with anticipation.

As luck would have it, I was not destined for a long wait—gratitude, to Sourcebooks—and received an ARC copy of this beautiful story into my greedy little hands, so that I could share my thoughts on the book with you.

“At the age of fourteen, Ethan Grey was banished by his titled father into a hell his legitimate siblings never learned of. Now that the old earl is dead, and Ethan is a widower with two children to raise, he finds himself attracted to Alice Portman, the boys scholarly, reserved governess. Alice also has a shadowed past, and she and Ethan must face the demon haunting them both if they’re to win their chance for a happily ever after.”

Once upon a time, Ethan and his brother Nicholas were closer than merely brother and half-brother, they were the best of friends, until a horrible misunderstanding results in Ethan being sent in exile to a school for noble misfits.

Without giving too much of the story away, let’s just say that young Ethan’s experience at the school was in equal parts horrifying and tragic, ultimately defining the way he keeps himself emotionally set apart from everyone in his life who cares about him—until he meets Alice.

One of the most awe inspiring stories I have ever read…

From the very beginning there is that quintessential spark between these two characters that marks them as the other’s soul mate, whether or not they are ready to accept the notion or not, it’s always there sparkling beneath the surface of every word and comforting touch shared between them.

Massive kudos to Grace Burrowes for bringing these two together on the page for us, the reader, to enjoy and be inspired by the unfathomable depths of forgiveness and love that can sometimes only come from finding that perfect someone who makes us complete.

One of the most awe inspiring stories I have ever read and I cannot stress how highly I recommend, not just ETHAN, but all of this author’s extraordinary stories!

Book 4, featuring the illusive younger brother BECKMAN will be available in July and you can be sure that I’ll share my thoughts on that one as well.


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