“A gun-toting preacher, a rebel army led by a madman, and entire villages slaughtered just because they were in the way.”

It’s not a Hollywood blockbuster…yet. It’s the life of Sam Childers.

Childers is a former drug dealer and violent outlaw who discovered a faith that turned his life around. Determined to live as a changed man, he journeyed to Sudan in 1998 on a medical mission trip to help the victims who had been terrorized by the Lord’s Resistance Army. Moved by the horrors he witnessed there, Childers decided to do something about it. Despite having no financial backing, he arranged to purchase 40 acres of land right in the war zone and set out to establish an orphanage that today protects some 300 children form the LRA.”

Sam Childers is the quintessential prodigal son. ANOTHER MAN’S WAR follows Childers from his home of faith, through his violent drug-fueled youth, to a successful yet empty life as a contractor, his soul transforming Christian conversion and his continuing mission to save the children of war-torn Sudan.

Often disturbing, unbelievable and moving, ANOTHER MAN’S WAR is like a long conversation with Sam at your kitchen table. What may appear at first as arrogance, quickly turns to the confidence of a man walking in faith and surety of God’s will for his life. Luckily for God and Sam, his early life prepared him for this mission.

Often disturbing, unbelievable and moving…

 Childers is open and honest about his past, the fears and turmoil he and his family had to face as he answered “the call” and the joys and rewards of building a refuge for these children. Driving through Sudan with an AK across his lap, it is no surprise he pulls no punches when discussing the agenda of Islamic extremists, radical Muslim governments or U.S. policies that try to negotiate with them. Nor is he sympathetic towards the apathetic and stagnant bureaucracies that plague relief efforts in Africa.

I began ANOTHER MAN’S WAR with a general idea of Childers’ background and mission, expecting the “Billy Graham/Lottie Moon type” of missionary I was familiar with from my childhood.  Perhaps a man who had lived rough and was now a gentle servant of God.  The reality was uncomfortable and startling at times.  After reading, I realized what God needed in Sudan was not a minister to answer the warrior’s call.  Rather, God found a warrior, opened his heart, and put him to work.

No matter your beliefs, you can’t help but come away with no doubt regarding Sam’s, and the power of faith to make a difference in the world.

“All my life, from birth, it’s been a fight. And it always seemed to be another man’s war. I always seemed to be fighting for someone else. But it always came back to me. The Word says we’re born into sin, and sin always comes back to war. ” ~ Sam Childers

Machine Gun Preacher, the motion picture staring Gerard Butler, based on ANOTHER MAN’S WAR, is currently in production and will be in theaters Summer 2011.

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