Dr. Jack Gannon is a man with an anguished soul.

Burdened with nightmares from an attack while serving in the Middle East and surviving his injuries and suffering from PTSD to become a doctor like his father, Jack comes home to Apple Grove to continue his father’s practice and to try to start a new life. Until he meets Caitlin Mulcahy.

Caitlin Mulcahy is a hardworking woman.

Woodworking and making furniture is a dream of Caitlin’s in her home in Apple Grove where she lives with her father and her sisters. She spends her days making furniture and her nights at local diner with her friends and eating Apple Grove’s most famous pie, Buttermilk Pie. She dreams of a life with a man she has yet to meet.


I would recommend this to anyone who like a fast read and a good-hearted romantic story.

A stray puppy runs by Cait while she is passing the Gannon house. She tries to catch him only to bump into a tall, auburn hair man that is Dr. Jack Gannon. A friendship blossoms into a full blown romance as Cait and Jack decide to raise the puppy, named Jamie, together.

A DAY IN APPLE GROVE by C.H. Admirand is a great romance novel. I would recommend this to anyone who like a fast read and a good-hearted romantic story. The author even offers the pie recipes that are mentioned in the story.  A DAY IN APPLE GROVE brought me to tears and captures the stark realities that PTSD sufferers endure daily. My boyfriend is currently living with PTSD and Jack’s reactions and feelings are very realistic. While heart-wrenching, it left me with hope for much better days ahead.

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