nEVERMORE is an anthology homage to Edgar Allen Poe and his works. nEVERMORE contains tales by 22 popular authors and is edited by Nancy Kilpatrick and Caro Soles. Any Poe fan should give this a go.

Compiled by multi-award winning editors, Nancy Kilpatrick and Caro Soles, nEvermore! Tales of Murder, Mystery and the Macabre presents a tantalizing selection of imaginative stories by New York Times bestselling and prize-winning authors, including:
Colleen Anderson
Kelley Armstrong
Margaret Atwood
Robert Bose
Jane Petersen Burfield
Rick Chiantaretto
J. Madison Davis
Barbara Fradkin
Nancy Holder
Michael Jecks
Tanith Lee
Robert Lopresti
Richard Christian Matheson
David McDonald
Lisa Morton
William Nolan (with Jason Brock, Sunni Brock)
Loren Rhoads
Christopher Rice
Thomas S. Roche
Uwe Sommerlad
Carol Weekes & Michael Kelly
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

This anthology consists of 22 original tales that blend supernatural and mystery elements in unique re-imaginings of Edgar Allen Poe‘s exquisite stories.  nEvermore! Tales of Murder, Mystery and the Macabre is an homage to the great American writer, the incomparable Edgar Allen Poe, and a must-have for every fan of his work. (From Amazon)

Sure to find something to tickle your fancy.

nEVERMORE is an anthology inspired Edgar Allen Poe and or his writings with each story pre-faced by a note from the author about what inspired their story.

There’s something here for everyone. From what I consider true horror (zombies, ghouls, and such) with Finding Ulalume (Lisa Morton) and Asylum (Colleen Anderson), to chillingly good ghost stories like The Lighthouse (Barbara Fradkin), Afterlife (William F. Nolan, Jason V. Brock & Sunni K. Brock), and The Deave Lane (Michael Jecks). There are stories that speak to current times and themes like Naomi (Christopher Rice) and Dinner with MamaLou (J. Madison Davis) to a devilish revenge tale, The Masques of Amanda Llado (Thomas S. Roche). There’s a sad story, Street of the Dead House (Robert Lopresti) and fantasy, featuring mermaids, sirens, and the like with Atargatis (Robert Bose) and The Drowning City (Loren Rhoads).

Individual rankings based on 5 stars:

The Gold Bug Conundrum ~ Chelsea Quinn Yarbro   3.5

Street of the Dead House ~ Robert Lopresti (The Murders in the Rue Morgue)   5

Naomi ~ Christopher Rice (The Tell-Tale Heart)   3

Finding Ulalume ~ Lisa Morton (Ulalume,poerm)   3

Obsession with the Bloodstained Door ~ Rick Chiantaretto (The Cask of Amontillado) 3

The Lighthouse ~ Barbara Fradkin (The Lighthouse) 4

The Masques of Amanda Llado ~ Thomas S. Roche (The Cask of Amontillado) 4.5

Atargatis ~ Robert Bose (The House of Usher)   4

The Ravens of Consequence ~ Carol Weekes and Michael Kelly (The Gold –Bug, The Mystery of Marie Roget, The Tell-Tale Heart, and The Raven)   3

Annabel Lee ~ Nancy Holder (Annabel Lee)   3

Dinner with Mamalou ~ J. Madison Davis (all the stories of Poe)   3

The Deave Lane ~ Michael Jecks (The Pit and the Pendulum and Poe’s “thoughtful, highly creative atmospheric stories”)   4

133 ~ Richard Christian Matheson (Ligeia)   4

AfterlifeWilliam F Nolan, Jason V. Brock, and Sunni K. Brock (“Eureka” A Prose Poem and the circumstances surrounding his death and those involved in his estate)   4

The Drowning City ~ Loren Rhoads (The Assignation)   4

The Orange Cat ~ Kelley Armstrong (The Black Cat)   4

The Inheritance ~ Jane Petersen Burfield (The Raven) 3

Sympathetic Impulses ~ David McDonald (Poe’s Gothic tales)   5

Asylum ~ Colleen Anderson (The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether)  3

The Return of Berenice ~ Tanith Lee (Berenice) 3

The Eye of Heaven ~ Margaret Atwood (Poes’ obsession tales)   3.5

It’s enjoyable and interesting to seek and find reflections of the inspiration in each featured work. With Poe’s range and genre melding you’re sure to find something to tickle your fancy too, regardless of your “horror” tolerance. Some you may skip while others will be revisited over time. Overall, nEVERMORE is worthy of a spot on your shelf.

Overall rating: 4

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