Before FIFTY SHADES OF GREY was more than just a dim section of the color chart, Cheryl Holt defined the role of the super-sexy, dominant male hero and in her new Lord Trent series, that legacy lives on.

Charles Sinclair, the Earl of Trent is an unrepentant libertine who has done his best to help populate England with his illegitimate offspring. His eldest son, Philip has made it his mission in life to track down as many of his half-siblings as he can, to offer them the chance at a better life. The three books in this series—LOVE’S PROMISE, LOVE’S PRICE and LOVES PERIL—tell the stories of four of these found siblings, just as they are embarking on the journey to discover their destined loves.
Lord Trent Trilogy

Coming in May, June and July!

Of course, with a cast of truly despicable villains lurking in the shadows to impede their journeys the road ahead is not always made smooth by the discovery that they were sired by the notorious Lord Trent.

A true guilty pleasure!

Cheryl Holt is a genius at creating characters that you love to hate and hate to love in equal measure, but in the end the Hero/Heroine always sees the light and the villains always get their comeuppance in a way that makes you truly believe in karma.

All three books, with the bonus of a double love story in LOVE’S PRICE, are filled with extraordinary passion—both physical and emotional—that make it difficult to set them aside for any length of time. A true guilty pleasure!

Look for the first book in the Lord Trent series, LOVE’S PROMISE on May 1st 2013 and don’t worry about waiting a year for the story to continue, as books 2 and 3 will be released back to back in June and July.

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