WHAT NOT TO BARE by Megan Frampton is a scrumptious treat, filled with sexy humor and characters as bold as Lady Charlotte’s wardrobe.

Lady Charlotte Jepstow certainly knows how to make an impression—a terrible one. Each one of her ball gowns is more ostentatiously ugly than the one before. Even she has been forced to wonder: Is she unmarried because of her abysmal wardrobe, or does she wear clashing clothing because she doesn’t want to be pursued in the first place? But when Charlotte meets Lord David Marchston, suddenly a little courtship doesn’t sound so bad after all.

David will be the first to admit he’s made some mistakes. But when he gets yanked from his post by his superiors, he is ordered to do the unthinkable to win back his position: woo his commander’s niece. If David wants his life back, he must use his skills as a negotiator to persuade society that Charlotte is a woman worth pursuing, despite her rather unusual “flair” for color. But David does such a terrific job that he develops an unexpected problem, one that violates both his rakish mentality and his marching orders: He’s starting to fall in love.

Labeled “the Abomination” by fashion mad society for her unique and unorthodox choices in wardrobe, Charlotte is only steps away from becoming a confirmed spinster, but unlike her marriage-mad mother, Charlotte couldn’t care less. She has her own money and isn’t afraid of living out on her own if it means freedom from the fortune hunters nipping at her brightly clad heels.

But then she meets David…

…the perfect escape novel on a chilly autumn night!

“Mr. Gorgeous,” Lord Marchston is determined to return to his post in India, where finally he can be useful as something more than a pretty face. Unfortunately, to do so, he must live down the scandal that forced his return to England and that means accepting an assignment that leaves a bitter taste in his mouth.

He must “pretend” to court his mentor’s niece, Lady Charlotte—a woman who questions everything (except her fashion choices) and constantly sets his usually level head to spinning, when they are together.

Both of these characters, in their own way, wish for nothing more than to be accepted for who they are and not how they look on the inside. When they find that in each other as well as the ability to laugh together about their perceived flaws, the false courtship begins to feel very real.

A true romantic-comedy with just the right amount of spice and emotional flavor to make WHAT NOT TO BARE, the perfect escape novel on a chilly autumn night!

Be sure to check out Charlotte’s brother Christian’s short story, BARING IT ALL, which is also available now. You will not be disappointed.

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