My favorite thing about author Jennifer Saints writing is that you do not feel the need to proof the book. Her books are well written and edited, which makes reading a pleasure, not only because you aren’t constantly finding errors, but the characters are well-developed and the story line draws you in, in such a way you are right there living and breathing with the characters.

The heartwarming and passionate love story between the parents of the Weldon Brothers, John and Emma, which began during war-torn Vietnam at Christmastime, and the bond that binds their hearts and family together throughout the years.

THE WELDON FAMILY CHRISTMAS was a delightful read. The book was written with Chapter flashbacks to the Vietnam era when the matriarchs of the family first met. The story transitioned from present day to back in time and back to present day flawlessly – and that is not always easily accomplished. It portrayed a real family with conflicts and history, that pulled together when the head of the family has a medical crisis.

THE WELDON FAMILY CHRISTMAS is definitely worth every bit of five stars and beyond.

The author did a wonderful job in setting up characters that you knew you wanted to learn more about and the book left you eagerly awaiting the next story.

THE WELDON FAMILY CHRISTMAS is definitely worth every bit of five stars and beyond. The writing was fantastic. The story was well written and I couldn’t find absolutely anything wrong with it. I highly recommend the book.

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