McCracken is back and bad-a$$ as ever in THE TENTH CIRCLE.  With his usual disregard for pretty much everything except the right thing, Blain McCracken takes on some serious enemies in this latest thriller from Jon Land.

Still reeling and exhausted after completing a true ‘mission impossible’ in Iran, McCracken arrives back in the U.S. to a series of domestic terrorist’s attacks. One of which leaves his heart cracked and this crack could very well lead to his own death.

These attacks are thought to be incited by the hate fueled speeches of Reverend Jeremiah Rule. He spews hate toward everyone Middle Eastern and the attacks look like retribution for his rhetoric from the pulpit. The Reverend’s dark past and sociopathic mind makes the perfect foundation for those that will use him to feed their own destructive agenda.

Land once again delivers a riveting, super-sonic paced thriller.

In the midst of the chaos, McCracken finds himself wanted by the very government that he has nearly died for more than once. Racing against an enemy hell-bent on unleashing their lethal weapon during the president’s State of the Union address.

The clues to this weapon take him back to 1590 and the vanished Roanoke Colony, where historical facts become the catalyst for a modern day weapon.

Even McCracken’s indomitable team of Johnny Wareagle, Doctor Seven and a surprising ally  may not be able to save the USA from a weapon of Biblical proportions, a weapon that can unleash the Tenth Circle of hell.

Land once again delivers a riveting, super-sonic paced thriller. The characters are strong, believable and resilient, and the twists and turns will leave you needing a chiropractor. Definitely, one of Land’s best.

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