THE LADY AND THE LAIRD is the first installment of USA Today Bestselling Author, Nicola Cornick’s new Scottish Brides series and if beauty of Lucy and Robert’s story is carried over into the upcoming titles, then this is a series I will be reading with great enthusiasm.

A very proper lady…

Society knows Lady Lucy MacMorlan as the highly respectable daughter of the Duke of Forres, an heiress as renowned for her bluestocking wit as for her beauty. But Lucy has a secret. She writes love letters for her brother and his friends – letters that become increasingly racy as her fame grows. Then her meddling in her brother’s romantic affairs brings Lucy into conflict with Robert, Marquis of Methven, a man with the power to ruin her reputation.

A most improper laird…

Robert Methven has no time for propriety and he is furious that Lady Lucy’s letters have cost him the bride he needs so urgently to save his clan. Now he makes Lucy a shocking proposal: In return for his silence she must become his wife—and provide him with the heir he needs…”

Lucy MacMorlan is a woman who hides her fear of intimacy and the consequences that sometimes come with it, behind a perfect mask of propriety. Only one man has ever managed to crack the wall of reserve she’s erected around her emotions.

Robert Methven can’t forget the night so long ago when he stole an unexpected kiss from a young girl and when it seems that same girl—now a respectable lady—thwarts his plans to marry the woman who can save his lands from his enemy’s hand, it’s only fair that she turns out to be the perfect match to take her place.

The story moved flawlessly from beginning to end…

Robert’s endless patience and tenderness as he tries to break through Lucy’s  many barriers alone would make this story worth reading, but when the tables are turned and it’s Lucy’s turn to help him, the story takes on a whole new dimension of emotional strength.

I loved the fact that, for all her fears, Lucy is a fearless woman who is more than Robert’s match in many ways and that despite his outward appearance and gruff manners, Robert possesses a very tender heart.

The story moved flawlessly from beginning to end, without a single lull to hinder the flow and distract from the core, that was Lucy and Robert’s blossoming romance.

In November, the story continues with, ONE NIGHT WITH A LAIRD, featuring Lucy’s sister Mairi and Robert’s friend Jack. After reading the teaser interaction between these two in this book, I can hardly wait to read THEIR story. I predict there will be lots of fireworks!

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