Robyn Carr successfully brings the Thunder Point Trilogy to a conclusion with her latest book, THE HERO. I became hooked on the Thunder Point Trilogy with Cooper’s story in THE WANDERER, I enjoyed the second book in the trilogy, THE NEWCOMER; so I was especially excited when I was contacted to review the third and final book in the trilogy, THE HERO.

If you have been following the trilogy, you are familiar with Cooper and Spencer co-parenting young Austin. The story continues with the final book. As her style, Robyn Carr interjects humor throughout the book in dialogue between the characters, and this book is no exception.

“They’d been sharing a bedroom since moving into Cooper’s RV but sleeping with Austin was like sleeping with the entire fourth grade.”

“If you could train someone to wipe his great big ten-year-old feet, you could beat that problem. Have you noticed how big his feet are? Is that normal?” Cooper asked. “Well, it’s normal on St. Bernard puppies,” Spencer said.

“…the boys are going to want to give you a bachelor party.” She (Sarah) glanced down at herself. “I know it’s not immediately apparent in this flight suit, but I’m actually a girl.”

“I hope you’ve been taking your vitamins.” (Austin’s grandfather to Cooper) Cooper laughed. “Good visit?” “You bet. And I think I’ve aged ten years. His grandmother is in a coma.”

(Cooper and Austin) Cooper texted (Spencer) The package has been delivered…Cooper’s phone chimed and he looked at the response, Tell the package I’m ready for him to be home. “I think your dad missed you,” Cooper said with a laugh. “He said he’s ready for you to be home.” “I think maybe three weeks is too long,” Austin said. “They need naps.” “Everyone who hangs out with you seems to need a nap. What do you suppose the common denominator is there?”
Robyn brings the Thunder Point Trilogy to a wonderful close…

In THE HERO, we are introduced to a new character, Devon, a runaway from a cult, who forms an attachment to Rawley, the Vietnam vet, who gives Devon and her daughter a special place in his life and his heart.  As in the two books before it, THE HERO shows how the town of Thunder Point rescues its own and the richness of friendships in the little town.

“He adores me,” Lou said. Ray Ann leaned an elbow on the bar and put her head in her hand. “Why can’t I have some stud sneak into my bed around midnight?” …”Because you have sinned and you must repent.”…”Now who’s going to the game with me?”…”I can stay for the game,” Ray Anne said. “And for your information, I’m not sure I’ve sinned enough.”

And, as Robyn is known to do, she uses her character’s vulnerabilities to teach them much needed lessons. Sarah and Cooper work out their issues and make plans to marry. Spencer, after losing a wife to a long battle with cancer, learns how to open his heart to new love. Devon works past her insecurities and learns to trust. New friendships are formed and old ones rekindled as Robyn brings the Thunder Point Trilogy to a wonderful close.

Before I give this book five stars, I have one more quote I want to share. You’ll see why once you’ve read it! It captures more of Robyn Carr’s knack for humor.

“Oh,” she [Mrs. Bledsoe] said, smiling. “Don’t worry too much about that, lovey. Men have an enduring reputation for things like that.” “Asking for think time?” “No. For being stupid.” 


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