Nothing about MORGAN AND ARCHER by Bestselling author Grace Burrowes feels like your standard novella. There is no rush with the pacing, no instant resolutions and the evolution of intimacy (emotional and physical) occurs naturally and realistically, just as it would in a novel three times it’s length in pages. ASTOUNDING!

“Archer Portmaine is investigating a plot against the Crown when he meets Morgan James, a young lady who suffered deafness for several years, though her hearing is largely restored when Archer meets her. Morgan believes her hearing trouble makes her a poor candidate for marriage, although her disability provides the key to unraveling Archer’s mystery, and to capturing his heart.”

Grace Burrowes cranks out so many great stories in rapid succession that there is sometimes such a infusion of characters that you have to go back a little to see how they connect within a series (not a bad thing), but the second I read the synopsis for Morgan and Archer I knew exactly who this story was about. Morgan James secured a hold on my heart as the heroine’s sister in “The Heir” and provided one of the most emotionally sweet moments in that story when the hero’s brother, Valentine helped to restore some of her hearing.

I’m no longer surprised by the depth, beauty and poetry of Grace Burrowes stories…

Although I will admit I was a teeny tiny bit disappointed that a romance between Valentine and Morgan was not pursued when he got his own story in “The Virtuoso” Ms. Burrowes knows what she’s doing when it comes to finding the perfect mates for her characters.

With Archer Portmaine, Morgan finds a man that can not only accept her disability but who also seems to need the help of her lip reading skills to solve a mystery. Being needed by someone like Archer gives Morgan the boost of courage she needs to pursue forgotten dreams of romance and a family of her own.

I’m no longer surprised by the depth, beauty and poetry of Grace Burrowes stories, an author who knows the power of a simple hug, a gentle kiss and developing friendship before romance between her characters. Hers is truly a unique voice in the world of historical romantic fiction and one that I will be listening to with great anticipation as long as she continues to sing.

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