Even after twenty years, I can still remember the very first book I read by Linda Lael Miller, and she remains one of my favorite authors. If you are looking for a deep-seeded romance with loads of suspense, then you probably will not enjoy Linda’s books. I’m saying this because I’ve read some of the reviews on this book. What I enjoy about her books is that they are light-hearted romances that you can sit down and read in one sitting – a beach read, a Sunday afternoon read; books that transport you to a place where love happens quickly and forever. They are fun, quick reads.

THE  MARRIAGE PACT was such a book. There are three friends in a very small town who are bound and determined to find marriageable men to love them and to have their happy ever after. They form a pact as friends are known to do and it is a sweet part of their friendship. Hadleigh is the first to have love find her – in the form of her older brother’s best friend and one good-looking guy who knows how to wear his boots (and transport her to another dimension with his kisses.)

The women of Bliss County are ready to meet the men of their dreams! See how it all begins in this enthralling new series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Linda Lael Miller.

Ten years ago, Hadleigh Stevens was eighteen and this close to saying “I do,” when Tripp Galloway interrupted her walk down the aisle. Now that she’s recovered from her youthful mistake and Tripp’s interference, Hadleigh and her single friends form a marriage pact. She doesn’t expect Tripp to meddle with her new plan to find Mr. Right—or to discover that she’s more attracted to him than ever!

Divorced and eager to reconnect with his cowboy roots, Tripp returns to Bliss County to save his ailing father’s ranch. He’s not looking for another wife—certainly not his best friend’s little sister. But he’s never been able to forget Hadleigh. And this time, if she ends up in his arms, he won’t be walking away!

I enjoyed the book, especially the ending…

What follows is a sweet love story with little suspense and drama. It is an easy read and how it ends is a given. It did seem to have a little de-ja-vou in the storyline, but I read a tremendous amount of books, so chances are, any story-line has a chance of sounding vaguely familiar to me. I enjoyed the book, especially the ending and if you are a fan of Linda’s, you will definitely want to read it. I am eagerly awaiting the second book in the series to see who finds love next. There may have been an oh-so-subtle hint in this book, but we’ll see.

I’m giving THE  MARRIAGE PACT five stars. It was typical of Linda’s style and a good book. I think this trilogy is going to be fun.

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