LONDON’S GLORY is book 12.5 in Christopher Fowler’s Bryant & May Peculiar Crimes Unit series. It’s a book of shorts, and shorts is my preferred starting point in a series this established.

Arthur Bryant and John May of the Peculiar Crimes Unit are London’s craftiest and bravest detectives—and there’s no better pair to solve the city’s most confounding crimes. In this riveting eBook collection of mystery short stories, available together for the first time, Christopher Fowler takes Bryant and May on a series of twisting adventures and brings readers behind the scenes of his beloved novels. 

Includes a preview of Christopher Fowler’s new Peculiar Crimes Unit mystery, BRYANT & MAY AND THE BURNING MAN!

In “Bryant & May in the Field,” a woman is found with her throat slashed in a snowy park, yet the killer managed to escape without leaving any footprints. In “Bryant & May and the Nameless Woman,” a businessman drowns in the pool of a posh club, and the only suspect is a young woman who remains almost too calm during questioning. And in “Bryant & May Ahoy!” the pair go on holiday on a friend’s yacht in Turkey, but Bryant realizes there’s something fishy about their fellow passengers. From London’s grandest mansions to its darkest corners, from the Christmas department of Selfridges to a sinister traveling sideshow, there’s no scene too strange for the Peculiar Crimes Unit and the indefatigable detectives at its helm. (synopsis from Amazon)

Often, when I’m intrigued by a series as established as the Bryant and May (The Peculiar Crimes Unit) Series, I look for a book of shorts. This gives me a feel for the series and whether it’s likely to strike my fancy or not.

LONDON’S GLORY (THE LOST CASES OF BRYANT & MAY AND THE PECULIAR CRIMES UNIT) tickled my fancy no end, and it’s been quite some time since I’ve been so enamored with a book.

Mr. Fowler gives readers insights into the creation of the series and his delightfully quirky characters. Each story is headed by additional insight specific to it.

There’s nothing I didn’t flat out adore about LONDON’S GLORY (THE LOST CASES OF BRYANT & MAY AND THE PECULIAR CRIMES UNIT). I relished the word choices, turns of phrase, eccentric characters, little known tidbits of history, a London I’ve never really “seen”, and some fiendishly clever, devilishly tricky mysteries. There were even passages I read more than once, simply because I loved the sound of them in my head. What fun.

Simply put, I’m thrilled to bits and wish I could give LONDON’S GLORY (THE LOST CASES OF BRYANT & MAY AND THE PECULIAR CRIMES UNIT) 10 stars.

Now I have to beat the feet, get the back list books in my eager lil’ mitts, and carve out some time to lose myself in the peculiar, wonderful, world of Bryant & May.

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