There is nothing better, on a chilly, pre-winter night, than sitting down in your favorite comfy spot, wrapping yourself up in softest, warm blanket you can find and reading a good book. If you want to choose a book that will get you into the spirit of the holidays faster than a heavily nogged-cup of nog then pick up a copy of LADY JENNY’S CHRISTMAS PORTRAIT by New York Times Bestselling author Grace Burrowes!

“The only unmarried Windham sibling, Lady Jenny would not mind so very much taking care of her parents, if only she could study art in Paris for a few years first. Jenny longs for both an artistic challenge, and for a small taste of the passion life holds for those with the courage to seize it. Lord Elijah Harrington arrives to the Windham household to spend the Yule season painting portraits commissioned by Their Graces, and Jenny thinks she’s met not only a kindred spirit, but a man she might love. Alas, for Jenny—and Elijah—honor has obligated him elsewhere, and while ‘tis the season to be merry, for Jenny and Elijah it will take a miracle to bring them their happily ever after.”

This 8th book in the highly popular Windham Series and book 5 in the sub-series, The Duke’s Daughters has all the warmth, charm and blissfully sweet emotion we’ve come to expect in a book by Ms. Burrowes and hits all the right notes for a perfect, holiday romance.

I thoroughly enjoyed bearing witness to the journey…

Lady Jenny is the last of the Windham daughters left unmarried and she’s perfectly content, as her only passion in the world is her art. That is, until she keeps crossing paths with the one man who understands her passion and ignites a different one entirely.

Although the paths they have both chosen are destined to take them in different directions, when two souls are as perfectly matched as Jenny and Elijah seem to be, love will always find a way.

I thoroughly enjoyed bearing witness to the journey that Jenny and Elijah take to finding their happiness together and as always find Ms. Burrowes work to be truly inspirational.

Be sure to check out this author’s website at to find a full list of ALL of her books—every, single one a rare treat.

You can also check out Ms. Burrowes recent answers to Novels Alive’s, “10 Questions With…”  for  a few insights into her writing process among other things.

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