When I finished reading LADY FALLS, the first book in USA Today Bestselling author, Renee Bernard’s new trilogy, the very first thought in my head was “This is BRILLIANT”, followed closely by “How the heck am I going to write a review that doesn’t give everything away?”

(If you’re wondering what could possibly be so hard about that, then you haven’t read this book yet.)

Raven Wells is no ordinary girl. Plucked from an orphanage by a scheming earl, she has been raised like a thoroughbred, groomed for one purpose: Revenge. Unfortunately, the Earl of Trent never let her in on the plan, so when she meets the man of her dreams, Sir Phillip Warrick, she has no idea that every lesson, every tutor and every impulsive inch of her was crafted for his seduction and destruction. What she does know is that love is the prize she wants most and that nothing should stand in a woman’s way to getting what she wants.

Phillip Warrick is simply trying to recover his friendship with the earl, unaware that the man has spent years laying the foundation for destroying Phillip’s peace of mind. What he does know is that the earl’s ward, Raven Wells, is mesmerizing, fascinating and apparently without reserve. Witty, beautiful, impulsive and impossible—she is like a siren beckoning him to forget the rules and seize only the pleasures of the moment.

Together, their love will set in motion a series of events that no one can foresee. Revenge creates more than one victim, but also more than one winner. Raven Wells will be transformed into a force of nature the likes of which Victorian London has never experienced before. LADY FALLS is the birth of the Black Rose and the end of innocence.

Since I loathe being spoiled, especially when the surprise is so…surprising!, I will try to keep this as general as possible with it being stressed right now that you simply have to read this book!

…my immense pleasure in reading this book is completely without bounds.

I was particularly impressed with Ms. Bernard’s very beautiful and lyrical writing that brought to mind the very best of the Bard’s most romantic prose—even as the characters were quoting the man himself in certain key scenes. Splendidly done!

As for the story and characters, I again must hold back as every aspect should be savored with fresh eyes, but I will say that Raven Wells steals the show with her vibrancy and boldness despite her painful beginnings, but you can sense the steel spine beneath, that springs from the roots of those beginnings.

To the impressively talented Ms. Bernard I have to say, though this review is much shorter than it could be, my immense pleasure in reading this book is completely without bounds. I CANNOT wait to read the next chapter in Raven’s saga and I mean that literally…gimme gimme gimme!

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