Whatever Renee Bernard has been drinking, sign me up for a barrel full because this author is rolling out amazing stories like nobody’s business!

Taking a short break from her habit forming historical series, The Black Rose trilogy, Ms. Bernard has introduced the first in her new contemporary/sorta paranormal/romantic comedy series, DEVIL TO PAY.

“Being the Devil is a job no one wants. The hours are terrible, the workload unbelievable and frankly, customer service is a nightmare.

You’re blamed for everything and liability is no joke when you’re the Lord of Darkness. As a result, turnover for the position is fairly high. The current Lucifer is the seventh lucky one to lose the ultimate lottery and land the title.

Truthfully, there’s very little evil to be instigated. Free will and a bad history of twisted mythology takes care of all of it–so the guy behind the black onyx desk is generally just the unhappy Arch Angel left filling out paperwork and doing his best to keep the Big Boss happy.

And for Lucifer, forget about dating. It’s a long, dry run, unless you’re into the women that might be into you–and frankly, the current Lucifer isn’t too turned on by ladies wearing spider web stockings and red Jell-O in their hair. Not that he blames a few of his predecessors with embracing the Goth hooker thing, but–an Angel has to be true to himself.

So when Lucifer accidentally bumps into a mortal woman who makes him re-think the wisdom of not applying for that maintenance position in Purgatory, it’s a roller coaster ride. Love can make anyone crazy. And Lucifer is determined to see if he can make it snow in Hell if it will polish up his wings enough to win the girl and get himself fired.”

Starting off with a bang, by starring the ultimate BAD BOY—the man himself—Lucifer as the romantic hero (please pick your jaw up from the floor now or you’ll catch flies!)

With a large cast of secondary characters that individually leap off the page, as well as, enhance the story in general…

Now before anyone’s gets their panties in too tight of a bunch, Ms. Bernard’s “Lucifer” is not the guy who spawned Hitler or made Linda Blair’s head spin like a creaky turnstile at the airport—not by a long shot. In fact, in this new imaginative, fictional mythos Ms. Bernard has created by turning Heaven and Hell into multi-dimensional contemporary corporations, Lucifer is just another archangel who enjoys Thursday night poker games with boys, as in, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and crew.

Now that that is out of the way…

Lucifer “Luke Morningstar” and Jayne Hamilton, are both so cute and likable, you just want to eat them up. From the initial meet-cute that blows both their socks off (attraction wise) and her purse flying (literally), you can tell that you, as a reader, are in for something special and unique with their story.

Basically, when it comes to finding your true love in fictional universe that Ms. Bernard has created so craftily, receiving “Sanction” from the big guy doesn’t happen too often for arch angel’s, so needless to say Luke’s dating skills are a bit rusty when it comes to winning the heart of the woman who has been chosen for him from on high.

Despite his highly unpopular job situation, an inability to lie about said position and a complete ineptitude at miniature golf, Luke and Jayne manage to form a friendship, which at times, is as heartwarming as it is surrounded by humor. Falling in love is just inevitable, but the basis in friendship helps smooth the road when the final obstacles need to be jumped to get to their HEA and watching it all unfold was nothing if not inspiring.

With a large cast of secondary characters that individually leap off the page, as well as, enhance the story in general, (all rooting for Luke to “get the girl”) Ms. Bernard has endless possibilities in play for creating more wonderful stories like this one and I can’t help but be excited about what comes next.

HIGHLY recommended!!!!


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