I haven’t quite finished IN CAPABLE ARMS, but what I have read is outstanding. I am definitely giving this book a five star review. IN CAPABLE ARMS, is written from the heart with a deep-felt honesty that by-passes so many people. Sarah Kovac was dealt a harsh hand by being born with Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC), a rare congengenital birth defect, but being the remarkable young woman she is, it is clear in her writing that she has discovered that God has a purpose in her life and her faith is inspiring. The author has wisdom and great maturity as you will see by the following quote:

“Today, many are concerned about political correctness. Nobody wants to use the wrong terminolgy and offend somebody. Are we disabled? Persons with disabilities? Differently abled? The term I grew up with was handicapped. Being labeled anything at all made me cringe. It was a long time before I was able to come to terms withe the fact that the world runs on labels and biases simply to keep things and people categorized, not usually out of cruelty.”

This one paragraph opened my eyes. I personally never looked at the world this way, but as I read and then re-read this one paragraph, I was astounded at the truth. There are a great many eye-opening statements in IN CAPABLE ARMS, that as a reader, you will want to re-read and then sit and ponder what you have just read.

…her words left me stunned and re-thinking my own quest for perfectionism.

The author writes poignantly about her perfectionism (which many of us suffer from) and her words left me stunned and re-thinking my own quest for perfectionism.

“Perfectionism is a pride thing. So not cute. The only way I’ve been able to find genuine growth in these areas has been to begin seeing that y character is simply the sum of my decisions. I’ve tried to think of the person I’d like to be and just acted like that person with this decision in front of me, whatever it is. If kindness is an area in which I’d like to grow, I challenge myself, not to be a ‘kind person,’ but to be kind at this moment…If I choose differently one day at a time, act like the person I want to be decision after decision, pretty soon I’m not acting. If I can continually ask myself, ‘Can I love this person? Can I tell the truth right now? Can I make a responsible choice just for today?’ in time, my choices will start adding up to someone different. The future blooms from the seeds of now. In the dysfunction of my perfectionism, I wasn’t planting. 

I know as I continue to read that there will be more “light-bulb” moments. It is that kind of book. IN CAPABLE ARMS by Sarah Kovac deserves nothing but five stars. It is truly a “life embraced by Grace.”

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