Brenda Jackson’s WESTMORELAND Trilogy  is packed with love, loss, betrayal, and love again. It’s about family and loyalty. It is about family taking care of family. CANYON is the story of Keisha and Canyon.

Years ago, Canyon Westmoreland let misunderstandings come between him and Keisha Ashford. But when Keisha returns to town with a two-year-old son, it’s time to settle things once and for all. A blazing attraction still burns between them, and this time around, nothing will stop Canyon from claiming what is his-his woman and his child!  

Misunderstandings separated and kept Canyon and Keisha apart for two years. Keisha arrives back in town and is working for a local law firm and the cat and mouse game between the two heats up – until Canyon comes face to face with eyes too much like his own not to be. When Canyon confronts Keisha and then agrees to follow her home so they can talk, he realizes he is not the only one following her.

“Are there any more questions, Canyon?” She almost saw steam come from his nostrils. “You know damn well there are.”

(Keisha being followed by a dark sedan and Canyon) 

“Is she driving a nice car?” Pete (detective on phone with Canyon) asked. ‘Yes, looks like a pretty new Bimmer. Why?” “I’m thinking that you might be looking at a possible carjacking. I’m on my way. Don’t do anything stupid until I get there.” Canyon rolled his eyes. Did that mean he could do something stupid after Pete got there?
One of the things that I have really enjoyed about the Westmoreland Trilogy is the family dynamics.

Canyon and Keisha never stopped loving each other. Will their past keep them apart or will they be able to mend their fences? It is always so much fun to spend time with the Westmoreland clan and CANYON was no exception. The story line was great. The writing was fantastic. CANYON was even packed with drama and a who dun it! And Brenda Jackson really surprises you with just who did do it!

“Canyon is an unusual name.” “Not according to my parents,” he said smiling. “I was conceived one night in the Grand Canyon, so they felt my name fit. I understand it was one hell of a night.” She tilted her head. “Your parents told you that?” “No, but I heard them share a private joke about it every once in a while. It brought them fond memories for years.”

One of the things that I have really enjoyed about the Westmoreland Trilogy is the family dynamics. They swarm together to protect one another. And, they all like each other. It just makes for a pleasant escape into a book.

Dillion [another Westmoreland] agreed that keeping Keisha and Beau within arm’s reach here in Westmoreland Country was the best thing. He figured it would be advantageous if the Westmoreland men met to come up with a plan. Dillon had made the calls and within half an hour his brothers and cousins had arrived. They’d decided that if Canyon couldn’t be with Keisha, one of the other Westmoreland men would be.

Keisha was amused when each woman told a story about their husband’s favorite new toy. She saw how easy it was for them to laugh at themselves and with each other, and she knew this was what she’d missed out on by not belonging to a big family – a special connection, a camaraderie and a closeness that extended to the women who had married into it. 

I enjoyed the book and I am giving CANYON five stars.

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