Turns out, that phrase “At least you’re in Tuscany” comes up a lot; and becomes a mantra of sorts for author, Jennifer Criswell. Everything will be okay because “at least you’re in Tuscany”.  Frozen comforters? At least you’re in Tuscany. Months of unemployment? At least you’re in Tuscany. Beautiful church bells? At least you’re in Tuscany. You have no friends and can’t speak the language. At least you’re in Tuscany. “If I was going to be homeless, at least I would be homeless…in Tuscany.”

Jennifer Criswell’s move from New York City to Tuscany was not supposed to go like this. She had envisioned lazy mornings sipping espresso while penning a best-selling novel and jovial group dinners, just like in the movies and books about expatriate life in Italy.

Then she met reality: no work, constant struggles with Italian bureaucracy to claim citizenship through her ancestors, and perhaps worst of all, becoming the talk of the town after her torrid affair with a local fruit vendor.

Through all her small-town bumblings, though, Jennifer’s mantra, along with a healthy dose of enthusiasm and willingness to learn about Italian culture, helped her not only build a new, rewarding life in Italy but also find herself along the way.

I thought the book was well written, and contained such vivid descriptions that the reader could easily be transported to Tuscany. I could smell the flowers in the fields, see the goats on the hillside, and enjoy coffee at a side-walk cafe. Jennifer’s life, since picking up and moving to Tuscany, has been anything but easy. She handles it with as much grace and dignity as she can muster, and when needed, picks herself up by her sandal straps and keeps on going.

Jennifer Criswell. captures your heart as you begin to repeat her mantra over and over…

I think we all, at one or another, dream of moving to a romantic country. The book is an eye opener about the intricacies of achieving that dream; gaining citizenship and then employment in a foreign country. Jennifer Criswell. tells her tale honestly and with humor and sincerity. One page may find you laughing out loud, while the next will find you with tears in your eyes, as you learn the sometimes difficult lessons of moving to another country with her.

The one drawback to the book, in my opinion, was one of things I also enjoyed – the Italian language. I do not speak Italian, and while it was wonderful to have the language dispersed throughout the book, it was also a deterrent. There were just as many instances that I figured the word out, as not. I would have appreciated the author including the English word in parenthesis.

In her book AT LEAST YOU’RE IN TUSCANYJennifer Criswell. captures your heart as you begin to repeat her mantra over and over, as you fall in love with Tuscany. I’m giving this book 5 stars.


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