Nightmares normally end when we awaken. But what if your waking hours actually were your nightmare? In her first book, A BROKEN CHILDHOOD, Lydia Taiwo opened her heart and showed us how she survived horrific abuse as a child.

In A BROKEN CHILDHOOD II: FORGIVENESS, Lydia’s story continues when her parents finally decide to take her back to Nigeria. However any hopes that life will improve are swiftly dashed by her mother. Alone in a strange country, she is determined to survive, but when she finally escapes her parents clutches, Lydia will find that the hardest battle of all is learning how to come to terms with the past.

Gripping in its intimate narrative…

Gripping in its intimate narrative, the book is unnervingly direct but retains a quiet, hopeful sparkle and optimism that carries us along.

In it, Lydia reflects on her past but it is her ability to forgive that truly inspires. I’m not sure many readers faced with the devastating and perpetual abuse could find it in their hearts to do the same.

As Lydia herself admits, learning to forgive was the beginning of a journey of redemption and in turn, led to her being able to move on and build a remarkable life. A happily married mother of six, and scientist, Lydia now devotes much of her time to helping those “whose lives have been ruined by abuse and neglect.”

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