In this paranormal romance, SLEEPING WITH THE ENTITY by Cat Devon:

When a letter reveals secrets of her life that she didn’t know existed Daniella’s life spirals out of control.

Daniella Delaney:  entrepreneurial; soon to be business owner of “Heavenly Cupcakes.”  Someone described her as being “a pitbull in a twinset and pearls.”

Daniella’s dreams about opening a business is about to come true.  Her love of cupcakes she creates “Heavenly Cupcakes,” but there one problem – Nick St. George.  He doesn’t want her to open a business in Vamptown.

Nick St. George:  business man; tall, dark, and did I mention he is a vampire?  Nick is the leader of the Vamptown Clan.

Nick is used to getting his way.  Vampires have the ability to use mind compulsion to get humans to do what they want – except for one annoying human – Daniella Delaney.  Daniella is resistant to mind compulsion.  He doesn’t want her to open the business because this town was mostly made up of vampires and vampires don’t eat cupcakes.

I recommend this novel for those who enjoy escaping reality for a brief time.

When a rival clan threatens Daniella once they found out what her secrets are it is up to Nick to keep her safe.  He offers her constant protection and in the process they get to know each other — like the fact that he’s a vampire and most of the town is as well.  An attraction becomes a full blown romance.

I recommend this novel for those who enjoy escaping reality for a brief time.  There is something alluring and exciting about the lifestyle of vampires and Cat Devon has created characters that “compel” you to want to read this novel.

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