Leaving the high finance world of investment bankers and crazy rocket scientists in Manhattan, Emma Chase introduces readers to the high stakes world of defense attorney’s in our nation’s capitol, Washington, D.C, OVERRULED, the first book in The Legal Briefs Series.

Stanton Shaw is a Southern boy who’s made good out in the big world beyond honeyed drawls, magnolias, azaleas, BBQ, and sweet tea. Though he’s out of the South, Stanton uses his smooth Southern charm to finesse everything from juries to women. Honestly, it’s hard to beat a Southern man for charm when he turns it on and cranks it up.

Sofia Santos easily holds her own with Stanton. With three older brothers and parents who valued and stressed education, Sofia’s beautiful, no nonsense, and rising fast in the law firm she and Stanton work for. Learning from her brother’s conversations and examples she knows men’s minds, how they think, and what sends them running. She hasn’t the time for attachments. The friends with fringe benefits arrangement with Stanton is just the ticket.

Ms. Chase consistently delivers contemporaries brimming with humor, heart, heat, and details that give the story and characters authenticity.

When Stanton discovers “his girl”, Jenny—first love, high school sweetheart, and mother of his daughter, is getting married it rocks the foundation of his world. The living large life of having his cake and eating it too is about to end, throwing Stanton into a bit of a spin. He thinks he knows what he needs to do and Sofia is a key part of his plan. He has to convince her to go back home with him. Her guidance is crucial, at least that’s what he tells himself…

Sofia must be out of her cotton picking mind, agreeing to go home with Stanton to Sunshine, Mississippi and help stop Jenny’s wedding. As Stanton’s friend first and lover second she’s got this covered. She’s always known exactly where they stand.

Oh, the lies we tell ourselves….

Ms. Chase consistently delivers contemporaries brimming with humor, heart, heat, and details that give the story and characters authenticity. Like Stanton’s BBQ sauce (BBQ is a high art form in the South) and telling the weather by the cows (Papa taught me). This winning combination never fails to make me laugh, give me a warm glow, and lift my mood.

It’s a testament to Stanton’s charm that after Drew’s cameo, early on, I didn’t spend the rest of the book pining for his return. Stanton and Sofia easily hold their own. Then there’s the added bonus of a whole new wonderful, occasionally quirky, cast of characters I’m looking forward to getting to know better.

Like a kid anticipating Christmas morning, that’s how I feel when an Emma Chase book is set for release. When the book’s finally in my hands it’s like Santa put me at the top of the nice list as everything I could ask for is ticked off.

Can hardly wait to get my eager lil’ hands on the next book!

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