Before there was Bruce Willis, before he became “John McLane”, there was John Leland – jaded cop. To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the book that was the basis for the movie Die HardNOTHING LASTS FOREVER, publisher Graymalkin Media, has re-released the classic.

The release is available in paperback and as an eBook and includes Thorp’s handwritten notes and edits. The book was written when the author lived in an apartment that overlooked the Wiltshire Corridor and the building that inspired the story.

The movie paralleled the book very closely, but the movie couldn’t convey the raw emotional impact of the book. Told completely from John Leland’s point of view, the reader understands that he doesn’t like to kill, and he goes through a very emotional trauma after doing so.

Thorp portrays a gritty world that is bleaker, rougher and not nearly as glittery as the movie. Written before the era of cell phones, it reminds many readers of how the world used to be before the age of electronics.

Leland’s bare feet in the book become a secondary character — one of the most brilliantly depicted characters in fiction. Bare feet? Yes, and every reader feels his pain.

NOTHING LASTS FOREVER is a gritty, raw, emotional thriller that has endured the test of time.

Inside the building, the terrorists aren’t as nice as in the movie, and they don’t speak English, so there is more guessing on Leland’s part as to what they are up to, and it isn’t his wife that is being held, it is his daughter.

The book also explores the manipulation of the media. This didn’t get much notice in the movie where the news crews were basically background. Within the pages of the book however, Thorp explores how the media manipulates a story and how sometimes those making the news manipulate the media. This is as relevant today and it was then.

References to terrorists events of the era might make a few younger readers head to Google to find out exactly what the details are as many events are out of the common vernacular.

NOTHING LASTS FOREVER is a gritty, raw, emotional thriller that has endured the test of time. The author notes only add to the books depth. Absorb the book, and the tension in the writing, the character exploration, and the demands such events take on one man. Then see the movie and enjoy Bruce Willis getting the bad guys.

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