LIFE IT IS WHAT IT IS is a collection of nationally syndicated opinion columns by Lisa Sugarman.

Have you ever read newspaper columnists? My enjoyment of opinion columns started with the discovery of Erma Bombeck, then Lewis Grizzard, and later Celia Rivenbark. Notice the trend toward humor, predominantly Southern? In all honesty, before receiving a request to review LIFE IT IS WHAT IT IS, I had never heard of Lisa Sugarman. Now I’ve bookmarked her site It Is What It Is.

LIFE IT IS WHAT IT IS, a fun, entertaining, and thoughtful read.

Lisa’s observations on life and the myriad hats we wear daily possess a positive, gentle humor and logic. Marblehead, Massachusetts isn’t Southern by any stretch of the imagination, but Lisa manages to pare her insights down to the commonalities we all share. From the obviously simple, often overlooked because we have a tendency to go all round our elbows to get to our thumbs, to those that give the impressions she’s been eavesdropping on your thoughts and conversations, Lisa manages to speak to most readers.

A great take along book; the column format makes it easy to read while waiting in line or picking up the children, practically any situation (other than driving, possibly) that gives you two minutes to rub together.

LIFE IT IS WHAT IT IS, a fun, entertaining, and thoughtful read. It’s a keeper that fits perfectly on the shelf with Erma, Lewis, and Celia.

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