In KILTS AND DAGGERS the second book in the Highland Spies series by Victoria Roberts, Grace is in the Highlands for her sister Ravenna’s wedding to Ruairi, laird of the Sutherland clan. Ravenna met Ruairi during the course of her duties as a spy for the English crown. Now she’s retired and taking up residence in the Highlands.

Grace isn’t crazy about Scots, the Highlands, or Fagan, captain of her brother-in-laws guard. She longs for adventure and wants to take Ravenna’s place as spy for the crown. She has no doubt she’d make an excellent spy and will speak to her uncle when she returns to English soil, the manor, and her fiancé, Lord Casterbrook.

Grace soon discovers the veracity of the adage, “Be careful what you wish for.” She gets adventure in spades and learns what spying truly entails.

KILTS AND DAGGERS is a spirited romantic adventure with a hero and heroine who spar as well as they fit together. Absolutely delightful.

At eighteen Grace is fairly young and naïve, but not to hear her tell it. She’s got plenty of spunk, sass, and confidence. Youthful heroines can often be frustrating in a horror movie, “don’t go in there” way. They always do and you find yourself distracted from the story because you’re blessing out the heroine. When did she take the stupid pill that put her in this gosh awful predicament? The wonderfully refreshing thing about Grace is that despite her lack of worldly knowledge and experience she doesn’t lapse into idiocy. She actually learns from her mistakes, pays attention, and doesn’t overestimate her abilities. She isn’t responsible for any of the quandaries she finds herself in.

Fagan Murray is your standard brawny, ruggedly handsome Highlander or kilted barbaric Scottish miscreant to use one of Grace’s opinions. Fagan has a sense of humor, falling for Grace is evidence of that. He’s alpha and honorable without being over the top, though there are times Grace would no doubt disagree.

Even if, like me, you didn’t read the first in the series you won’t be lost.

KILTS AND DAGGERS is a spirited romantic adventure with a hero and heroine who spar as well as they fit together. Absolutely delightful.

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