Despite being #4 in the Weldon brothers series HOT IRISH LASS by USA Today Bestselling author, Jennifer Saints can easily be read as a stand alone. Many series make that claim but not all live up to it. HOT IRISH LASS truly does.

At the tender age of sixteen Cierra Weldon took over her father’s stud and racing farm based on their Irish estate after the death of her parent’s in a car accident. Cierra has worked tirelessly toward the farms advancement and expansion into the U.S. This move will have the additional benefit of giving her freedom from her four overprotective brothers. Cierra’s only mis-step in her years on the world equestrian circuit was dating Sheik Hassan al Zayed. His extravagant gifts made her uncomfortable, prompting their return. He too wanted to cage Cierra, even if it was a golden cage. Since telling Hassan she had no interest in continuing a relationship she’s been plagued by a series of “incidents and accidents”. Cierra’s convinced al Zayed is behind all her troubles but he goes too far when her prized racehorse is horsenapped. If Cierra wants to save the farm and her freedom she has to solve this before her brothers discover and become involved. In a desperate attempt to stop al Zayed’s schemes to manipulate her and convince him of her disinterest she claims to be engaged to James Weldon.

For plausible romantic suspense look no further than HOT IRISH LASS

James Weldon is a much removed cousin of Cierra. His branch left Ireland ages ago, coming to the New World and settling in Savannah, Georgia. He and Cierra meet when she makes an impromptu trip to visit this distant family branch. The attraction is mutual but James is an avowed bachelor. When Cierra fails to make his annual St. Patrick’s Day bash his curse of precognition kicks in. Thanks to the family’s security business, James is encouraged to head to New York to keep a watchful eye on Cierra. It seems there are dark and sinister forces surrounding her and her beloved horses.

Rather than being far-fetched, the international equestrian world lends itself perfectly to the terrorist premise of HOT IRISH LASS. Its international reach, appeal, money, and ability to move with people and cargo with little or no restriction and/or scrutiny make it perfect arena to implement terrorist activities worldwide.

HOT IRISH LASS is fast paced with plenty of suspense and action while also treating readers to a creditable, touching romance between Cierra and James. James’ curse adds mystery and a dash of convincing woo wooness; at least to a true Southerner. Scoff if you will but Southerners all know someone, usually in the family, who “knows” or has seen things. Ms. Saints is keeping it real in all respects. For plausible romantic suspense look no further than HOT IRISH LASS.

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