Cheryl Holt wasn’t given the title “Master Storyteller” for nothing. Michael and Magdalena’s perilous path to love and passion, in HEART’S DELIGHT, the first book in Ms. Holt’s Lost Lords Trilogy, is a prime example of why she enjoys the sobriquet.

Michael is the quintessential Cheryl Holt hero; handsome, cocky, arrogant, and just this side of insufferable but with a charm and appeal that’s hard to resist. If you like your heroes PC or touchy-feely sensitive you’ve come to the wrong book.

Tragedy tore Michael’s family apart and he’s been on his own from a young age. He’s a survivor who’s clawed his way out of the gutter to become an extremely wealthy man with a penchant for assisting aristocratic gentlemen gamblers in their ruination. On his climb to the upper echelons of wealth he’s accompanied by his best friend of twenty five years, Ramsey Scott, where one goes so goes the other. The only people they trust are each other.

HEART’S DELIGHT’s fetching characters, danger, romance, and gripping family mystery is sure to delight readers.

Michael is an unapologetic survivor with a deep seated antagonism for the aristocracy. He thinks he has all he needs until he meets Maggie. She stirs a yearning in him he does his best to deny.

Magdalena Wells aka Maggie came from a wealthy family. When her oldest sister stole her fiancé she left Cliffside, the family home, for London with Vicar Sterns and his wife to assist them in running a mission. Upon their passing Maggie inherited the mission and meets Michael in that capacity. They meet again when Gaylord’s, Maggie’s brother-in-law, proclivity for gambling beggars her sisters, putting Maggie in an unenviable position.

Maggie shares many traits with a typical Cheryl Holt heroine but one. She doesn’t allow Michael the leeway her heroines grant the heroes. She cuts him off and out. Good for her, she met his arrogance with a stone wall he couldn’t climb or go around. This makes Maggie my second favorite CH heroine.

Jealous aristocratic fiancée’s, danger, Newgate, lost and found family, haunting memories, and sweet come-uppances are just some of the delectable twists and turns offered up for readers.

HEART’S DELIGHT’s fetching characters, danger, romance, and gripping family mystery is sure to delight readers.

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