The scariest thing about this thriller is that fact that it is too close to reality. This latest thriller from award winning author Gary Grossman focuses on a rather benign natural resource — water. Most people never give a second thought to where that water in their tap comes from, and even less thought is given to how protected that water source might be.

Secret Service Agent Scott Roarke is tapped by the President to prevent terrorists from destroying the water supply to some of America’s largest cities. A large number of reservoirs, and municipal water systems are very unprotected. Ripe for the introduction of biological weapons or outright destruction. Agent Roarke must navigate across the country desperately working to stay ahead of the terrorists.

An entertaining and heart-stopping read.

The terrorists however, have other ideas, and they are not about to let Roarke stand in their way.

Dodging bullets, bureaucratic stupidity, and barely escaping, like a ‘cat with nine lives’, the reader is never quite sure if he will survive.

EXECUTIVE COMMAND is one of a series that features Agent Roarke. Reading them all will the reader a better understanding of the character, but any of the books can be read individually.

Thrillers like this one are the scariest of all, because the reader realizes how easily this could happen, and what the consequences would be.

An entertaining and heart-stopping read.


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