Ema Marx is back for more in DARK BECOMING #3 by J.D. Brown. Readers pick up precisely where DARK LIAISON left off, a big A+ for continuity.

Every time Ema slams a door another one opens with the opportunities for success or failure carrying ever weightier consequences.

Ema’s world, her existence, is as convoluted as ever. Nothing is simple in a world peopled, loosely speaking, with vampires, vampyres, shifters, and other beings from myth and nightmare made flesh. Trust is a chronic issue. What motives hide behind those offers of assistance? Does everyone double-deal and double-cross. Is everyone self-serving or do some truly work for the better good?

Ema’s only constants are the Princes and their diagnostically opposed feelings regarding her.

The love between her and Jesu despite its potential to be detrimental to them and their cause. Could she let him go if it meant saving him?

DARK BECOMING is kicking; featuring machinations, double crosses, schemes, and action aplenty…

Jalmari’s hatred and never ceasing efforts to rid the world of Ema. He’ll stop at nothing, including Jesu, to kill her.

DARK BECOMING is kicking; featuring machinations, double crosses, schemes, and action aplenty as Ema and her cohorts traverse the decaying glory of Venice and the wilds of South America in a contractual effort with the Aplan monarchy to destroy Apollyon before he brings hell on earth to life.

Will Ema and her motley force win the day? What damning secrets are revealed? Just when you think you have it pegged Ms. Brown throws a curve or two at readers keeping Ema fresh and unpredictable. Keeping me on my toes justifies the wait between books. Yep, still on board with Ema and waiting for #4.

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