After reading LADY VIVIAN DEFIES A DUKE by Samantha Grace—my first from this author—I am officially a fan of her work!

Luke Forest, the risk-taking Duke of Foxhaven, inherits more than a title with his father’s passing. He inherits a bride-to-be he has never met. Unwilling to be tied down ever again, Luke tries to dissolve the betrothal his father negotiated on his behalf, but the lady’s brother threatens to call Luke out if he refuses to honor his father’s word. Unwilling to risk the welfare of an innocent young lady, he travels to her country home, hoping she will agree to reason with her brother.

Lady Vivian Worth isn’t the docile lady her brother promised Foxhaven she is, but she will be whatever she must to redeem herself in her brother’s eyes. Yet, when the duke arrives early and discovers her swimming in her chemise, she can’t hide her true nature. Surprisingly, her unladylike pursuits don’t send Foxhaven racing back to London. Could he be the perfect match she had given up hope of finding?

Luke is intrigued by the adventurous Lady Vivian. They might even have a promising future together if he weren’t embarking on a dangerous expedition in a few weeks. When she refused to speak with her brother and Luke learns she will be sent to a Scottish convent if she fails to marry, he is determined to find a replacement husband for her at his mother’s house party. Little does he know, Vivian intends to win his heart on the journey.”

To be completely honest, the reason I chose this book in the first place is because of the incredibly sexy and gorgeous hero on the cover—Hot! Hot! Hot!

BUT, I wasn’t half way through the first chapter before I knew that the story beneath that cover was going to be just as good. And it was.

A completely enjoyable read and proof that sometimes you CAN judge a book by it’s cover.

Vivian is a woman resigned to a marriage arranged by her brother after an unfortunate incident from her past leaves her under a looming cloud of scandal that will hurt those she cares about if revealed. If marriage to a stuffy old duke is the price, she is more than willing to pay it. Even if it means she has to forever hide her spirited nature and “unladylike” pursuits forever.

Luke is a man always looking for the next adventure to keep his mind off his failings as a son and duke and marriage to the perfectly proper lady his father chose for him, he believes will just set him up for another failure. Determined to get Vivian to convince her brother to end the engagement he seeks her out and quickly discovers that the she may turn out to be the only adventure he will ever need.

A completely enjoyable read and proof that sometimes you CAN judge a book by it’s cover.

I know that I will adding the previous books in the Beau Monde Bachelor series to my personal library as soon as possible and hope that you will too.

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