GABRIEL is the fifth book in Grace Burrowes highly addictive Lonely Lords series and continues the story of Polly and her Mr. North, which began inside the pages of the recently released BECKMAN (Book 4).

Gabriel North has spent two years allowing his family to believe him dead, while he assumes the identity of a hardworking steward on the neglected Three Springs estate. When Gabriel falls in love with Polonaise Hunt, cook at Three Springs, he realizes he must solve the mystery of who tried repeatedly to kill him, before he can ask any woman to share his life.

Gabriel resumes his proper identity as Marquis of Hesketh only to find that Polonaise has also resumed her calling, that of talented portrait artist, and she’s been commission to paint Gabriel’s heir. While Gabriel tries to untangle the mystery of his attempted murder, he finds Polonaise has been keeping secrets of her own. She can capture Gabriel’s likeness on canvas, but can he capture her heart?”

I’ve reviewed many of  Ms. Burrowes books and always find myself drawn to the same word when trying to describe the feeling I get while reading—gentle.

…I happily recommend spending some time with GABRIEL.

It’s the one thing that has always stood out and puts this author’s stories in a class all their own. It’s the simple gestures of affection, not only between the hero and heroine but, between their other loved ones. It’s the emotional grace in the way they handle even the most daunting circumstances. Even the innate tenderness of the more intimate moments adds to the overall Gentle-ness of Gabriel and Polly’s story—an endearingly common thread in all of Ms. Burrowes’ work.

Although this story does begin a bit sluggish, it more than makes up for it and then some, fairly quickly.

If you want a story that will make you sigh, smile, tear-up and ultimately feel completely satisfied at the end, then I happily recommend spending some time with GABRIEL.

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