BEHIND CLOSED DOORS is my first book by Susan Lewis, but by no means, my last.

Following the breakdown of her relationship with Martin, father of their children and her best friend, DS Andee (Andrea) Lawrence transfers from London Metro to Kesterly. Andee, Luke, and Alayna move to the seaside village where her mother and Martin’s parents still live. Broadsided by Martin’s decision Andee is just now, a bit over a year later, beginning to move on. When Dougie, Martin’s dad, dies necessitating Martin’s return to Kesterly Andee can no longer avoid him. What upheavals will this cause in the fragile life she’s begun to create without him?

A slow burn story that unobtrusively draws the reader in…

In the midst of these personal issues a fourteen year old girl disappears. On the face of it Sophie Monroe is a runaway, but is she? Andee is convinced there’s more to the troubled teen’s disappearance but is that the detective talking or the teenager whose sister disappeared and was never found?

Will Andee’s objectivity be compromised by her past personal tragedy?

Though the disappearance and search for fourteen year old Sophie Monroe is the central focus, there’s so much more to BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.

Subtle and poignant, the characters reveal themselves through the course of Andee and the team’s investigation. Every one has a secret, a hope, a tragedy, a struggle, a burden, all of those quiet battles that define daily life the reader is privy to. You can’t help but connect with them, understand them, grieve with and for them. Those around Sophie, and to an extent the community at large, are touched and forever changed by the young teen’s case.

A slow burn story that unobtrusively draws the reader in, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS is genuinely affecting and touched me deeply. I read the last few chapters in tears.

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