SCANDALOUS SUMMER NIGHTS by Anne Barton is third in the Honeycote series but can easily be read as a stand-alone.

Lady Olivia Sherbourne has been suffering from a case of unrequited love for her brother’s best friend, solicitor James Averill, for ten years. Olivia, always outspoken and daring, decides to take drastic steps when she learns of James’ plan to join an Egyptian expedition for two years.

James Averill, best friend to Owen, the Duke of Huntford and Olivia’s older brother. James is about to realize a life’s dream with his inclusion on an archaeological dig in Egypt.

Poor James didn’t take into consideration the machinations of a very determined Olivia.

After Olivia practically throws herself at James during a secluded meeting at Lady Easton’s ball, he escapes the next day to the Lake country. Olivia discovers his destination and boldly sets in motion her plan of attack.

SCANDALOUS SUMMER NIGHTS is like meringue, light and fluffy. Ms. Barton’s writing is engaging with lovely pacing and flow while Olivia and James’ banter is witty and fun. I really enjoy her voice. However, like meringue it’s airy with little substance.

SCANDALOUS SUMMER NIGHTS is a good diversion read…

Olivia is selfish, though not in a spiteful or hateful way, she’s simply thoughtless. Even her selfless acts are tinged because she worries about repercussions to herself later.

James never has an inkling of interest toward Olivia until she accosts him. Being honorable her struggles against his baser nature but Olivia is dogged in her determination.

These are the two main reasons it was difficult for me to buy into their love story. Would I feel differently if I’d met them in a prior book? Possibly, but as a heroine and hero Olivia and James are rather lackluster and suffer from an absence of depth.

SCANDALOUS SUMMER NIGHTS is a good diversion read, a pleasant break from something darker and heavier.

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