Anyone who’s read the first two in Vanessa Skye’s Edge of Darkness series knows it’s violent and occasionally explicitly so. In many ways BLOODLINES is the most violent of the series.

Detective Alicia Raymond aka Berg has been keeping secrets from everyone, including her lover, Jay O’Loughlin. Brutal rapes, murders, drug dealers, gangs, and a crime/drug lord attempting to take over Chicago combined with her secrets puts what little Berg holds dear at deadly risk.

Berg has been straining under the weight of blackmail. Now, despite her best efforts her darkest secrets have been revealed to the only one who matters to her, Jay. It was just a matter of time really but the resulting fall out is as bad as she’d feared. Her fragile happiness, that she wanted yet feared and never felt she deserved, has been shattered. The old Berg would return to the clubs seeking solace but what will the new Berg do? Has the new Berg learned the value of hope? Will she spiral back down into the abyss?

Over all BLOODLINES still possessed enough of what drew me to the series originally to keep me reading to the end…

Berg’s life may be falling apart but crime doesn’t take a break. If anything Berg and Arena suspect something big and wicked behind the torture/deaths of two small time dealers. Chicago is on the brink of war with Berg, Arena, Jay, indeed the whole police and justice system of the city, in the crosshairs.

If you have a problem with violence and the darker side of the human psyche it’s not likely you’re reading this series. That being said, it’s not the violence in BLOODLINES that bothered me. Any time a crime/drug lord attempts to take over a city it’s bound to get extremely messy. It’s the personal element involving David Alexander, crime lord extraordinaire, and the events and actions stemming from that aspect that were too much for me; stretching my credulity to the breaking point. However, BLOODLINES gave some great secondary characters a chance to shine, Arena, Short, Cheney, and Smith in particular. They rose to the occasion splendidly. Over all BLOODLINES still possessed enough of what drew me to the series originally to keep me reading to the end, despite the David Alexander personal element debacle. Still, as much as it pains me to say this, I was disappointed in BLOODLINES.

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