Full of lighthearted humor, sumptuous food, the wisdom of an Italian mother-in-law, and all the atmosphere of Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels, this warm and witty memoir follows American-born Katherine Wilson on her adventures abroad. Thanks to a surprising romance—and a spirited woman who teaches her to laugh, to seize joy, and to love—a three-month rite of passage in Naples turns into a permanent embrace of this boisterous city on the Mediterranean. (Synopsis from Amazon) 

ONLY IN NAPLES is akin to sitting down with a friend, sharing her adventures, and meeting the entertaining people who populate her life. While the food is a big part of the book, what I enjoyed the most was the inside look at the country, culture, and people. Especially the people. I got such a kick out of the various stories; her father in the pool when her mom shows the ambassador out, her mother in law driving and taking the time to go to a company and complain about her batch of pasta. There are so many humorous and enjoyable stories about the people, in a way the country and food take a back seat. These are people you want to meet and spend time with, just to watch and listen to them.

It also struck me as a love story on many levels, and I’m not necessarily taking romantic love. Despite being one of THE Wilson’s, Katherine Wilson doesn’t come across as hoity toity, a big point in her, and the books, favor.

ONLY IN NAPLES is a cozy read to snuggle up with and take a mental trip to Naples while experiencing a life most of us can only imagine.

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