LOVE BY THE BOOK by Melissa Pimentel is the humorous exploits of Lauren Cunningham, American ex-pat, living her fantasy, or attempting to, in London. Lauren isn’t looking for nor does she want a relationship. She wants to be foot loose & fancy free to explore all the English male bounty she crossed an ocean for.

LOVE BY THE BOOK is a comical dating romp through the early years of the new millennium with the dubious assistance of dating guides and rule books of the past and fairly recent. Employed by the Science Museum it’s only natural Lauren would take a scientific approach to her dating woes. Each chapter is dedicated to a dating/relationship book and month. The end of each chapter lists the test subject, results, and Lauren’s final thoughts as she summarizes the experience.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to use a guide to navigate those treacherous dating waters? Why not try reading LOVE BY THE BOOK and vicariously giving them a go via Lauren first? After all, her adventures are loosely based on the author’s real life experiences that she noted for posterity in her now (sadly) defunct blog.

For readers delectation Lauren has chosen:

The Rules

LOVE BY THE BOOK is playful and entertaining.

The Technique of the Love Affair: By a Gentlewoman (1928) Dorothy Parker quipped that if she’d read this earlier she might have been “successful rather than just successive.” As a huge Dorothy Parker fan this has certainly piqued my interest & I’ll be looking for The Technique of the Love Affair to read for grins & giggles.
Not Tonight, Mr. Right (aka Close Your Legs, Open Your Heart~ Lauren’s title)

  • The Rules of the Game
  • The Art of Dating
  • Belle de Jour’s Guide to Men
  • Manners for Women
  • & Find a Husband After 35

Will Lauren find what she’s searching for? Are dating guides effective? What life lessons does she learn along the way? Is there a HEA for Lauren and her friends? You’ll have to discover that for yourself.

LOVE BY THE BOOK is playful and entertaining. Whether you’re still searching for that elusive whatever floats your boat or you’re snuggly and content; Lauren’s experiments in “off the beaten path” London are a lively escape and quite the vicarious thrill regardless of your status.

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