JUST IN TIME FOR A HIGHLANDER, first in Ms. Cready’s new Sirens of the Scottish Borderlands series, is a lively, playful time travel adventure.

Grit, daring, humor, and wit are my favorite qualities in a heroine and Chieftess Abby Kerr has them in spades. Between those who think a woman can’t rule and teetering on bankruptcy, Abby is fighting an uphill battle.

Duncan, a modern Scot trading on Wall Street. Ginger-haired Duncan is used to women falling at his feet. He’s not prepared for the women or Scotland of 1706.

Abby keeps her eye on the prize and the welfare of her clan is always at the forefront for her. Unlike most chiefs, Abby seeks peace. She’s not gung-ho for battle and war with the English. She wants to maintain a free and independent Scotland but has different ideas on how to get there. Abby is politically astute and understands the undercurrents and power plays. She employs brains and cunning over brute force. Abby is heroic. She’s willing to sacrifice herself for her clan’s safety and well being. She’s carrying quite a load. There’s little opportunity to let her guard down and relax. Duncan allows her to do that. His mis-steps allow for levity in a life fraught with plots, peril, challenges, and danger. Duncan is comic relief and hero.

Duncan discovers women in 1706 Scotland aren’t attracted to the same attributes modern women are.

Duncan has a lot of learning and growing ahead of him. For being plopped down over three hundred years in the past, Duncan does a decent job of coping.

…had a large time with the middle.

I understand Abby’s attraction to Duncan. She hasn’t known him all her life, he’s charming, he’s unique (in more ways than one), and he understands women enough to let her take the reins in her role as Chieftess and leader of the clan. Duncan isn’t a wuss; he simply understands the difference between Abby’s public and private roles. He isn’t going to undermine her in clan affairs. He’s a great hero for Abby but doesn’t crank my clock. I like and enjoy Duncan but I don’t love him. As much as I enjoyed Abby and Duncan’s journey they weren’t the most interesting characters for me.

Nab is an adorable boy Duncan hires to spy for him. Nab is precocious and delighted me every time he appeared.

Undine, witch~wise woman~seer. Just what is she truly? It’s said her mother was a naiad. Undine also wishes for peace. Courtesy of her reputation and status she can move freely between the English and Scottish. I’m not clear on where she actually lives but as close as she and Abby are it’s possibly on Kerr lands. Undine excites my curiosity.

Serafina, a visitor seeking Undine’s help in a scheme to regain control of her inheritance and clear debts her n’er do well lover has incurred and assigned to her. A woman with a mission…

There was an issue or two with the beginning and end of JUST IN TIME FOR A HIGHLANDER but I had a large time with the middle.

Keeping an eye out and fingers crossed that Undine and Serafina will each get their own books in the near future.

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